Kubota B7300

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Kubota B7300

Teresa I am lookingto by a 2000 model year Kubota B7300 that only has 400 hours on it for $7,300.00 can anyone tell me if this is a good deal. I know what they sell for new but don't know if there have been any common problems with that model year or anything.

Tom Bower Hey Teresa,
I have a B7300 with a hydrostatic transmission that I bought new in 1998. I have worked it VERY hard in the last 7 years mowing many acres several times a week in season and plowing, pulling a 8 foot disc, ripping with a home built ripper as well as using the FEL for dirt and rock work and have a set of forks for the FEL we use as our own fork lift. ( we use it for moving round bales and with a platform for painting, hanging up x-mas lights & such. I added a turbocharger with more hommade parts with about 8 lb. boost at 121 hrs to bring the power up a bit. Also at the time I built a power steering unit for it because it needed it. I have been building these power steering kits as a bolt on for a few years now for B7300 owners that want one finger steering. This tractor is the perfect size for what I need but is smaller than what I should have for the work load that I subject it to. To answer your question, I have worked the holy hell out of this little critter and have had absolutely ZERO problems with it after 1255 hrs. I am very religious about maintenance and take very good care of all my equipment especially the B7300 because it is worked so very hard and maybe that is the key or maybe it is built that good. I know myself that little tractor don't owe me "nuthin". It's always ready to go. There is some talk around that the hydro tranny will give you problems but I should have problems because of the all the hard work but have had none. Like all things, you hear all the bad but very little of the good. The kids & wife love the heck out of it cause with the hydrostatic anybody can run it safely.
I paid $12,00 for mine in 1998.
Hope this long line of blabbin will help in your decision. Good luck teresa, tom

steve dangelo hey i have a b7300 that is mint and like new , i would love one of youre power steering kit's can ya hekp me out?

please let me know,

steve d

travis hassebroek How much for one of those power steering kits?
travis hassebroek What does this kit all include?

Tom Bower Hey Travis,
Sorry about the long delay. The kits sell for $800.00. That includes every thying to get you going except the install, which is a very simple bolt on and a little drilling. I have had enough interest in this kit and am starting on another production run the first of april. Tnx for the interest, tom.

mike I'd like t b7300 pwer steering kit
Tim jackson I have a B7300 Kubota w/ a 5' woods grooming mower that is pulled from behind...kept inside and i believe it is a 2000 model..4x4 Hydrostat Diesel 650 hours..used to mow baseball field in my home town..very good shape..i can email pics upon request.. $5650 11/18/2006

Fort Payne al. alabama
Tim J

Brad Halsey Yes, the B7300 is a brute of a compact tractor. I have used it for snow plowing for about 7 years now. All I have on it is a 6 foot back blade. I used to plow about a quarter mile of dirt driveway and there were some steep hills there. Sometimes lugging her down till she belched back smoke and died...used to push it to the max. I have about 350 hours on it and it is still running as good as the day I bought it. Tho recently it decides not to start from the key. I have to pop the side panel and put a screw driver on the starter/solenoid studs to get it started. Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? I checked fuses.
Carlito's way I own B7300 Kubota. I don't know the year of the tractor, bought it used without manuals etc. less than 300 hours. How do you find out the year of this tractor. Appreciate your help. Thanks
Don Does anyone know where I can buy a grass / leaf vacuume for a Kubota B7300? The Kubota website has grass catchers for several models except a B7300.
bob Bought a used one for $4000 with a 60" mower plus $250 for a 60" back blade. Works great. Want to put a front blade on for snow, but can't find a used one.
Gilles Hi

I'm looking for a manual for a B7300

Thank you


Mark I too just (8/09)purchased a used B7300 4x4 diesel with a 60 belly mower and am looking for a grass catcher/bagger/etc.

Any leads and/or suggestions on where to find one?

Thanks folks,


martin navejar I have a B7300 Kubota w/ a 5' woods grooming mower pullfrom behind and box blade all records up to date nice $5,500
John Therres Does anyone sell a front blade that will work on a Kubota B7300 ?
Bruce Hello-Can you give me more information on your B7300? Is it 4 wheel drive? Does it have power steering? What year is it? How many hours? Please include a phone number, if interested, I would like to call. Where are you located?

Thanks, Bruce

Myra Lucas We have a kubota B7300 for sale. We're located in Wilton, Alabama South shelby county area beside Montevallo. If you're interested you can email me at Here's the details.

Kubota B7300 diesel with only 300 hours, 4 x 4 , hydrostatic drive, cruise control, rear flood light, front weights, turf tires, 17 hp. Excellent condition, serviced 2x year. Can use Belly or rear mower. Includes the following: Bushhog brand bushhog, Bushhog brand finish mower, post hole digger w/ 9" auger, plough, dis...c, cultivator, box blade, scrape blade, slip scrape, boom pole, root rake. $9,650 OBRO.

Paul I have a B7300 and I'm looking for a 5 or 6 foot belly mower for it. Does anyone have one?

Thanks, Paul

Sue I was just told I need a new hydrostatic transmission on my B7300 with 850 hours. Is it worth fixing????? To my knowledge, nothing else is wrong with this tractor and it has served me well. The repair shop says the part is $2000 and labor will be another $1500!

Bernie does anyone know if there is a fuse for the lights on a 1999 kubota b 7300 and the location of it??/

john ps kits still available?

is it difficult to operate with the manual steering?

John I just bought a b7300 at an auction with 1300 hrs an enclosed cab w snowblower attachment I was wondering if they make a pto driven debris blower for this machine
Clayton Am very interested in the power steering kit for Kobota B7300.

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