B6100 Timing Gear Cover

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B6100 Timing Gear Cover

Rodney Law I have what I believe to be a '78 B6100. I recently began to have oil pressure problems. found threads on this site in regards to a camshaft plug falling out and causing problems. I decided to try and fix it. I got as far as getting the cover loose, and sure enough the plug has disintegrated. I just cant figure out how to get the timing gear cover out of the frame. There is a "V" shaped support gusset in the frame that is to close to the front of the engine and will not allow the timing cover to come off. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this cover clear of the frame? The only thing I can come up with is to torch cut the gusset enough to clear the cover.

Please help!!!

Tom Bower Rodney,
Those engines are assembled then "shoe-horned" into the frame. If you don't have to cut too much of the gusset away and weaken it that would help from having to pull the engine out enough to clear. Put the cover back on so you don't get "stuff" blown into the engine. If it looks like a lot of material has to be removed then it would probobly be better to unbolt the engine and move it enough to get it out. Good luck. tom

Rodney Law Tom,
Thanks for the advice. I had a friend who had some experience as a mechanic take a look at it. It turns out that the whole front frame is a seperate piece. It took all of 10 bolts and a few blocks of wood and 2 jacks to lift the frame away from the engine. Fortunately the front end had a spline drive shaft that allowed me to pull it forward to clear the "V" bracket.

Thanks again I appreciate the response...


Tom Harrison Would you give me more specific details on removing the cover?
Rodney Law It has been almost a year since I resolved my oil pressure issue. As best as I can recall, I had to remove some frame bolts. The frame is assembled from both ends. I removed about four bolts and split the frame using a jack to support the loose frame. I must admit it was a tough job getting the bolts removed from the cover a lot of parts seemed to be attached to it in very difficult locations. I went out and purchased a set of gear wrenches which helped a bit. I only split the frame as much as I needed because I have a front mounted snow blade. It seemed it would have been much easier if I had removed the entire front frame section. This will give front access to the bolts. I replaced the oil pump while I was at it. Fixing the problem was actually fairly easy. I replaced the aluminum pin in the crankshaft and peened it into place. I would guess it took about 10-12 hours over the course of a few evenings to repair it. It has run better than ever since then.

Hope this helps...Good Luck

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