Kubota L260

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Kubota L260

Jeffro1 What is parts availability like for the L260? I am sorta looking at one and would like to know what I can about it. Are any of the parts compatable with other models?

ric There are two L260's one is a gray market tractor and one is a legitimate US market tractor. The original US L series was made from 1973 to 1985. Parts are available for these older units on a part by part basis. Luckily these things tend to stay together so this may not be much of an issue. However, Kubota tractor parts tend to be pricey for old and new tractors.

There's a nice write up on the Kubota web site about how to tell gray market tractors from US market tractors. Gray market parts are not available from Kubota, they must be bought bought used and they are NOT cheap. In some cases some of the parts from the US market cousin may fit, good luck figuring out which ones, that what I used.

Vic Byskal Not true, Ric! There is no difference between parts used on a gray market Kubota and parts used on a model sold for the North American market. The parts are 100%, authentic Kubota parts and are identical.

The difference if any, is that Kubota franchised dealers are instructed to withdraw parts and service support to gray market tractor owners. Make no mistake. They have the parts. You just can't buy them from them because you gave them a tractor model number that was on their "do not sell parts to these guys list."

My advice to all gray market Kubota/Zennoh tractor owners is: Buy the Master Parts and Factory Assembly Manual c/w numerical parts register and order the part you need from your local Kubota guy by part number, not tractor model number! You'll get your part EVERY TIME, and it will put begin to put an end to the myth that you can't get gray market tractor parts.

Who do you think made those gray market Kubota tractors in the first place?

Email me for more info. Vic

ric Vic,

I have that book and I tried that too...and what you said is true to some extent. However, as I mentioned parts for the older L series tractors are now only available on a part by part basis or at least thats been my experience.

Generally, people buying these older tractors are buying price and hoping for the best based on the inital quality of tractor, which works in most cases even allowing for high hours or poor service on the part of the previous owner. This doesn't help the ether issue though.

Its hard enough to get US market Kubota parts, much less trying to get gray market parts using this parts book. You need to read up on how gray market tractors came to be in this counrty and why parts for these tractors are also scarce in the markets they we intended to be sold in and why this affects the parts inventory for older US market tractors, such as the old L series.

For me it doesn't seem appropriate to suggest a parts buying alternative to buying parts for gray market tractors that is not going to deliver on its promise any better than buying parts for US market tractors.

What are these parts books selling for now, I paid just under $300 for mine. I think you are the only other person I know who has any knowledge of this book.


Vic Byskal I think that Kubota USA is doing everything it can to continue the myth that parts are not available for gray market tractors, and that makes it difficult for some tractor buyers who may not be as knowledgeable.

Kubota Corporate will deny that the very manuals you and I speak of exist, but they do.

Working in a busy parts department I can tell you that if someone gives me a part number, I'll key it in and if I have it I'll sell it to them.

ric Has that catalog been updated since it was first published? My book is quite old and I was thinking about trying to find a newer one that might be more current. Reason being when I buy parts using that catalog, I occassionally get a new part number for an older one, but only if the part is still available. I agree these parts exist afterall these tractors are legitimately sold everywhere outside the US.


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