BX 22 steering

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BX 22 steering

Bill My Bx 22 has a steering problem. It is all over the place it is head to keep it going straight. The cylinder is bad. Is there a recall on them?
Ray Heffner I'm working on a BX2200 with abad steering. If the steering wheel is turned slowly, it will not turn, but if you turn it fast, it responds like there is no problem. I believe it;s in the steering wheel hydraulic unit on the dash. Any opinions?
brad farris It's terrible... and can be dangerous. If there is a recall I wish somebody would post it on here. I can't afford 500 dollars... read the post for the bx 1800 I believe it uses the same steering system. The engine size is the difference
Bill I did talk to a dealer and they told me that it is the steering cylinder and should be replaced at no charge for the part, you just pay labor. In fact they did do just that. They said the cylinder had aluminum part in it that would corrode and let the fluid pass by. They also replaced three of them including mine.
Rick I have the same problem w/ my BX2200 and thought it must be some hydraulic problem since if I turned the wheel fast it would respond and it primarily showed the problem when the motor was running at slower RPM.

Ray or others, what's the best approach to the dealer to get it repaired where they will cover most/all the cost? Thank you.

jeff had the same prob. last year hyd cyl. went bad the dealer would not fix as a warrenty thing i had to buy the cyl. and put it on my self they said that the packing in the cyl. goes bad after awhile and it just goes bad small scratcheson the cyl wall makes it hard to rebuild.
Paul I just bought a BX2200, same steering problem. Kubota replaced the steering cylinder free, I had to pay ~$60 labor - it was out of warranty & I was the second owner. Works fine now. There is a bulletin on this problem.
fastforty Hey Paul,
Can you give some more details of your interaction with the dealer?

I'm in the same boat- second owner (500 hours), out of warrantee (2003 model). Steering works about 90% of the time, usually on a long straight run when it hiccups, hate to have to pay out $500 for a part that was junk from the factory.

fastforty Well, we aren't getting any answers here :(

I've had three local dealers tell me the same thing- no way, no how. They all admit that there is a bulletin on the steering cylinder, but it will not be covered.

My guess is that this is a $124 part from the factory, which the importer double costs to $250, then the retailer double costs it to $500 (that's pretty much how the industry works, across the board). It bites that a quality product with such a good reputation would wind up so costly to service. I'd buy a John Deere in a heartbeat if I'd known what parts & service would be like on this machine.

Hmmmm, the same cylinder for a subcompact John Deere could probably be adapted to work, & would most likely be in the $80-$120 price range. Within a few years, I may have to wind up painting the little pumpkin green.

fastforty I just got an email quote on a new steering cylinder for my 2003 BX2200 (Part #K2561-1650-0) for $176.31 from

ky_kilowatt Welcome me to your club. My bx does the same thing, except it usually has to warm up an hour before it gets really bad. I guess we need to post everywhere we can what a junk part that KUBOTA won't stand behind.
Mickey BX22 Same problem as everyone else with steering, called kubota in columbus and Talked to Dave Miller not much help there, only offered 20% discount on parts. The Part# is K2511-1650-0 at $176.31.(www.kellerkubota.com) They seem to stock quit a few of them in columbus as I was told. Hope someone brings a lawsuit because of the safety issue with steering someone is going to have an accident.
Mickey Get on to Kubota's web site and leave message to them about the safety issue as I did and with any luck they will stand up like a MAN and say your right we screwed up!
Franklin Smith BX 2200 won'r steer when warmed up...would I need part (K2511-1650-0) at what price?
thanks- Frank

Darrin Stolba Steering on bx2200 is driving me crazy. Tractor has about 400 hours on it. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 full turns of steering wheel before tires turn. Dangerous. Any advice?

Darrin Stolba Steering on bx2200 is driving me crazy. Tractor has about 400 hours on it. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 full turns of steering wheel before tires turn. Dangerous. Any advice?

Bill S All the hydrostatic power steering prior to 2006 have the steering problem which can be very dangerous. They need to recall this power steering cyl. The best hope for all you Kubota owners is to follow this link to report it. To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call CPSC's hotline at (800) 638-2772 or CPSC's teletypewriter at (800) 638-8270, or visit CPSC's web site at www.cpsc.gov/talk.html
CB I have had the same steering problem and filed a complaint with the CPSC.
Re: BX 22 steering

I had the same problem on a BX2230, fixed by replacing the cylinder (part # K2511-16500 – supersedes the old part #, $253). I cut the old cylinder apart to see what caused the failure, and found a design not worthy of Kubota. Instead of dual lip seals, there is a single O-ring surrounded by a red polymer ring on the narrow piston. The seal was in good condition as was the cylinder bore, so that didn’t cause the leak. The problem is the way that they “fasten” the piston to the piston rod. Instead of rigidly locking it, they use a pair of “wire C-clips” that fit into grooves in the piston rod. This design allows the piston to move slightly on the piston rod (about 0.015”) each time that the force is reversed (and especially when the steering is turned to full lock).
The attached photo shows the details, with view 2 showing the cross-section of the piston, and how the piston is sealed to the piston rod with an O-ring. The groove cut for this inner O-ring is much wider than the O-ring itself, and can allow the O-ring to “roll” instead of sliding when the piston moves on the piston rod. View 3 shows the piston rod under the piston. Note the wear marks located at the inner O-ring location – they are at different locations around the circumference, and some areas have no marks at all (indicating rolling instead of sliding?) View 4 shows one area of the inside of this O-ring, where there was localized surface damage that could allow oil to pass. There were no actual cuts of nicks found anywhere on this O-ring, so this must have been where the oil was leaking.
This type of failure explains how the cylinder could sometimes leak (causing a loss of steering), then suddenly fix itself. It also explains why the problem was the same at all steering angles and how the failure was only seen when turning to the left.
Given the newer part # and higher cost of the replacement cylinder, I hope that the new part was designed by someone with at least a passing knowledge of cylinder design. If you have a tractor with a cylinder that hasn’t yet failed, you may be able to prolong its life by avoiding turning the steering to fill lock at either end.

Steve Johnson Well you can add me to the growing list of BX-22 owners who is having a power steering problem.
This has been going on with my tractor for over a year and now it has quit altogether. My Dealer, Lebanon Kubota in Lebanon TN. told me if my tractor was out of warranty "tough luck" They made no effort to help me and refused to give me the phone# of their Service Rep.
I called the factory in GA.and am waiting for a call back.
This is without a doubt a safety issue and could very well develop into a lawsuit if sudden loss of steering puts someone down an embankment or worse.

roy nicholson same problem wont steer left or right when you travel foward takes two or three turns to get it to go! need to a law suit going
Andrew This is a bit off topic but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Would any of you tell me the dimensions of the cylinder? (ie. Rod diameter, cylinder bore and stroke?)


roy nicholson know how everbody fills got the same problem
Tony Camp Got the same problem wont steer at all now. But not sure if it is the box under the steering wheel or the one down by the wheels?
Robert Blakeley Oct,25/11 I have a BX18 with 500 hr on it ,same pob. as everyone it wont steer. pritty sure steer. cyl. is falty , anyone know of a recall on these.

David Same problem on my BX2200. Started this summer and is getting progressively worse. I'll report to the CPSC. Local dealer wants $300 for the cylinder alone. Anyone have any other ideas to get Kubota to fix this?
Steve Francis Have same issue with BX2350. Started at the beginnning of the season and getting progressively worse. Is this the cylinder at the steering wheel or at the front tires causing the issue?
Paul I have the same problem with my 2350. Just spoke with the dealer and they will sell me an o-ring kit for 85 bucks. Does anyone know if this is a quick fix? Should I replace the cyclinder and be done with it? Thanx.
Kristopher Thornton I got the o ring kit to give that a shot
but does anybody have a GOOD breakdown of How
this thing comes Apart.
not trying to bust somthing just to have to buy more parts then end up spending as much to just bought a new one all together...

John Kamerer Didnt know of these posts till after I took mine apart and replaced the oring. Now works fine. I was looking for the costs of a new k2561 16500. When I found this site.

Hey guys, take it off, take it apart, put on a new oring and you might spend 50 cents and a couple of hours labour to fix it.

Ed Gregory 5-21-2012 I have a Kubota BX2200 with 475 hours and have the same steering problem as the rest. I can turn left but not right, I can turn the steering wheel 10 to 15 times with out affecting the wheels. Sent it to a dealer and the power steering cylinder was found to be bad, replaced and seems OK now. Contacted CPSC and reported it. Ed Gregory
Rob Warnke I have a 2008 BX2660 with a steering problem almost exactly the same as everyone's description above. I haven't taken it in yet. From the sounds of all the postings it will probably end up being the cylinder. Does anyone know if this has been recalled yet? Dangerous!
Richard Vollmer My steering is out at 525 hrs on my BX2200. This is not my first hydraulic problem. I've replaced all four hydraulic lines. Not only are the part exspensive, but so is the Hydraulic fluid.
Troy brandt What is the part number for the o-ring rebuild kit?
SCOTT DEAN i have same problem with the steering on my bx2200 it only has 325 hrs on it

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