Backhoe won't swing

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Backhoe won't swing

B Heck I have a B20 TLB with a BT 750B backhoe with auto return. The lower swing solenoid #78621-63820,came apart and dumped hyd fluid. I replaced the part ($450)and bled the hydraulics but nothing happens when you move the swing lever. The backhoe stays hard over to the left (looking forward). The operators manual is not much help. It talks about setting up the unit and the swing sensor and how the lights should flash in the control module but I'm stuck and hope to avoid an expensive trip to the dealer. Any suggestions?
wonder i also have a b20 and love i had your problem and it's probably the same thing i had. there is a plug connection for the auto swing make sure it is plugged together. if you need to replace it don't get the part from kubota to much $ just use a regular 4 prong trailer plug and rewire is located underneath your t handles that mount your back hoe. hope this works for you
B Heck Thanks wonder for your suggestion about the plugs, it might have put me on the right track. Before I replaced any plugs, I sprayed them with WD-40 and cleaned them. Working the swing lever, after cleaning, suddenly I got swing from hard left to hard right. Unfortunately it doesn't release and while stuck hard over I can hear the relief valve. The backhoe will sometimes swing right when the lever is pushed but when the lever is released it goes back hard right. Could the swing sensor need to be reset? Is there a way to do that? Any ideas?
Don Well, you probably won't like this, but I have have worked on these auto-returns quite a bit and even Kubota knows that the computer (the flashing light module) has a problem. It cost about 600.00 (if that is it, and usually is once everything else checks out) and you can change over to a manual system for the same money. It will move faster, and won't fail again.
Larry I have this problem on my BT750B. I bypassed the variable rhreostat and nothing happens so put 12 volts to the solenoids and they work just fine.

Does this mean the computer is gone?


Roger Larry, I would like to know how you got the 12 volt to the solenoids, my swing works sometimes and not others. It is driving me crazy.



It is driving me

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