kubota pto

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kubota pto

Kent Can someone help me here? I recently broke the seal plate around my pto shaft. after replacing it my pto does not work. it worked prior even though the plate was broken. I did have to remove the shaft in order to replace rear bearing.

Joel Hi kent,
Not sure how your machine is built or even the model. But I bet when you pulled the PTO shaft you may have dropped a collar in side the machine which mated the PTO shaft to the drive train, probably free spinning now.

Hope this helps, I need to open up my case to perform a similar repair on my B6000E.


Kent right you are Joel. all is repaired now. thanks for the reply


Theo Could someone kindly advise me how to replace the pto oil seal on my Kubota L245DT?
I have removed the four 8mm bolts retaining the bearing case but I can only prize it off about 2.5mm (1/10th.inch) from the gearbox casing. At this point the pto shaft becomes tight & can no longer be turned by hand. It would seem that the pto shaft is held inside the gearbox which in turn stops me from removing the pto shaft bearing & seal case.
The grass grows pretty fast in England! so your help & advice here would be much appreciated

kent phillips Theo,
The pto shaft is Connected Internally by a coupling to another shaft. The external shaft passes through a very small opening (just large enough to allow the coupling to pass through. in addition this coupling must be raised just slightly (by pushing down on the end of the external shaft) to pass over and just to the right (if you are facing the rear of the tractor) of another gear. Very, very tedious operation but it can be accomplished with patience and simply wiggling the shaft around slightly until you feel it release. be very careful not to lose the coupling. It is another task to fish it out of the housing. This can be accomplished by the use of a magnetic wand and a coat hanger, but lets hope you don't have to experience that. Prying the shaft straight out may damage the gear next to the shaft and will certainly result in the loss of the coupling. try turning the shaft back and forth while pulling outward. Make sure you have the pto disengaged. once you have the shaft out the seal is replace by sliding over the internal end of the pto shaft.
Hope this helps.

Martk I have same problem, I have tried Ken's fix but it is not comming. Any more suggestions?

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