Grey market

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Grey market

Keith How can you tell if a kubota is a grey market tractor? I am in the process of purchasing one and have already had bad experience with a Yanmar. Do not want any more grey markets!!!
BBJ Go to the Kubota web site. They explain what to look for (Japanese writing) and where. They also list the model numbers of grey tractors.
I bid on one on e-bay, then saw the web site listing it as a grey tractor. Glad I lost the bid. Didn't want to get stuck with something I couldn't get parts for.

BillK Kubota has their opinion on grey market tractors.
Of course, others have different opinions. Over the past 10 years we have sold about 1000 grey tractors in the Australian market. We repair
all tractors before selling them (with warranty),
and nearly all parts are purchased locally.
Part numbers cross over to recognised parts
in nearly every case, and often used parts are available.

In 10 years we have yet to be stuck for a spare
part, except when Kubota themselves run out of a part, and then we can get parts ex Japan if necessary. This issue has been discussed in the
past, but for someone to say " there are no parts
for grey imported tractors"
-------sorry, thats just incorrect.

BTW our customers like our tractors, and thats
really what matters at the end of the day.


BBJ to Bill K: You are correct, I only read Kubota's side of the issue. Your response does seem to make sense. I'll do some more research and who knows, I may go the "grey" route afterall. Thanks for the info.


Vic Byskal Parts are available everyday at your local Kubota dealer for your four digit ex-Japan Kubota/Zen-Noh tractor. I'll repeat that!

Parts are available for your 27 year old gray market Kubota, every single day!

Selling, reconditioning, importing, marketing and servicing "grey market" tractors, is a huge industry in itself.

I have a parts department full of brand new, Kubota boxed service parts, and all I sell and service is ex-Japan Kubota tractors. I have never not been able to get any replacement part, either right on the spot, or within a day or two, at the most, from any "brick and mortar" franchised Kubota full or short-line dealer.

I have sold and serviced almost every "grey" kubota model, including, L1500, L1501, L1801, L1511, L1802, L2002, L2000, L2201, L2202, L2402, L2602, B7001, B5000E, B1702, B1600, B7000, L1-18, L1-185, L1-205, L1-22D.

Parts are available! Always have been. Vic

John Nielsen Hello Bill,

I am looking for parts and service for my ZB1600. It sounds like you know where I can get that. Can you give me a phone number?

John Nielsen

BillK John,
B1600 parts are usually easy to get. Click on my
name at left ,and send an email direct for further info

Sid Kelley I Would like to find a manual for my L1501 Kubota grey market tractor. Does anyone know where I can find one?
Joe I work at a Kubota dealership (in the parts department), and what you have said is not true. Kubota USA does not supply their dealers with ANY parts information regarding grey market tractors. I don't know if you have made a mistake by assuming that all Kubota dealers have grey market parts, or if you are just making this up, but it's not true. If your local dealer can get parts for these tractors, post their phone number. Don't lie to the public.
michael Messaritis I am interesting in service manual
of Kubota B7000.

Rob Davis Vic, I have a zli-26(l2850 kubota).could you please direct me to a source of manuals for:parts/repair,maintenance,troubleshooting.i purchased the tractor from a south-west washington
grey market tractor dealership.although there's no
problems yet i'd like to have the manuals ready.where do i find the "four digit"number you refer to on your dec. 20 2003 posting???.i asked the local authorized kubota dealerhship if they work on/repair/order parts for zen-noh, they said
"no way".the tractor i was told is about 7 years old by the seller, can i verify this by the serial number??? seems to be a good/strong tractor
so you know of any other zen-noh (zli-26)owners in washington state???
thank you, Rob Davis

BBJ I must repeat my first post, "I don't want to get stuck with something I can't get parts for!".
I did some research and contacted some local dealers - no parts and they don't work on grey tractors. If I were to buy one, and needed a part, I don't want to have to meet some guy in a trench coat at midnight in a dark alley, pay cash and be told where the part will be.
I'll pay extra for a U.S. brand and get parts as needed. Not wait weeks for a grey part.
Thanks anyway.

BBJ I must repeat my first post, "I don't want to get stuck with something I can't get parts for!".
I did some research and contacted some local dealers - no parts and they don't work on grey tractors. If I were to buy one, and needed a part, I don't want to have to meet some guy in a trench coat at midnight in a dark alley, pay cash and be told where the part will be.
I'll pay extra for a U.S. brand and get parts as needed. Not wait weeks for a grey part.
Thanks anyway.

Randy Mccune The Japanese tractors all cross over to a US tractor
Kubota just changed the model number and a few other things for example I have an L2002 it crosses over mechanically to an L275 in the US. Some of the other
Differences are the sheet metal is a little different and the PTO on ours is 4 speed the US version is 2 speed. This is only my 2 cents I can show you how to cross over to the US model and buy parts directly from Kubota just tell them the right model number and they will sell you all of the parts you need.

jpero Just don't expect to walk in to any self-respecting authorized Kubota dealership with anything other than the model number for a designated US model. We'll sell you all the parts you want for a L260 but don't ask for parts for a L240. You can buy what you pay for but it's your responsibility alone if it doesn't work.
Sid Kelley I am a little put off by kubota dealers and their attudes about grey market tractors if you have one they act like you killed someone to get it looks like if they were any kind of a buiness men they would realize there is a huge parts market out here and try to capture it. Thanks Sid
Don G Hello, I have a L2601DT Kubota and it is grey market. I am looking for the us model number for the L2601DT and a repair manual. Can any one help? thanks Don G
Jeremy Joel Thanks for all the information above, it is realy good news, I have a Kubota B1600 and would like the manuals for it, in English or Spanish. Above Randy Mccune says that there are cross over tractors for all models, anyone know the B1600 crossover please,

Best wishes from Mallorca Spain.

doris i have a real lemon nothing but problems since i spent so much money on this piece of junk. motor crashed first week, belts broke every time i used it and now i was told a computer chip over $700 has to be replaced . they just kept repairing it till warranty ran out now they said sorry well i am getting a big lemon and parking it on a main road on my land. this is a big kubota area but i want people to know what they can expect from a kubota.
doris i have a real lemon nothing but problems since i spent so much money on this piece of junk. motor crashed first week, belts broke every time i used it and now i was told a computer chip over $700 has to be replaced . they just kept repairing it till warranty ran out now they said sorry well i am getting a big lemon and parking it on a main road on my land. this is a big kubota area but i want people to know what they can expect from a kubota.
Randy McCune Hi guys,

What I did was take the engine number off the side of the engine and cross it to an American model for example: My tractor is a ZL2002 with a D1302A engine 1299cc (you can find the model number on the left lower front of the engine, the cubic centimeter is stamped into the right side under the intake manifold)

I then bought the Intertek manual $29.95 and crossed my engine model and cc over to an American model in my case a Kubota L275. The only parts that I found that are really different are the sheet metal and transmission (the Japanese version is a four speed PTO) Iíve ordered electrical and engine w/o a problem. Here is a good place to find parts once you have a model number .You can get grey market parts thru different internet dealers like

Southern Global Tractor
230 North Magnolia Drive, Wiggins, MS
at (866) 742-5748 or (6
Email at:
Visit at

Good luck

Randy McCune I thought i'd drop a line to let everyone know the head on my ZL2002 cracked a while back, and I found a place that repairs Cracked heads. They Fusion weld the head and retemper the cast iron so its as good as new.Did a really good job for me. Completly rebuilt the head after they fixed the crack. And it only cost me $350.00 ($380.00 W/shipping).

Hope this helps someone

sheldon I own many grey market imports. Two kubota's and other items as well even a toyota. If you think that any manufacturer does not use the same parts lot to build what ever you want you are being niave. I have been able to source any type of engine part for any kubota from an engine dealer that sells engine for industrial applications. Give them the engine model # located near the injector pump and away you go. Why pay extra, unless you are lazy and want everything convenient for you. I would rather save 40% on purchase, and maybe have to waite a day or two more for parts. But that is not a problem as I have more the one to choose from. I am now looking for a pasquali(italy) to go with the kubota's and holder(german).
DJ Berger I am looking for a parts and service manuel in English for my Zen Noh L2402 tractor. I hate having to go to the Kubota dealer without a part number and getting treated like a second class citizen for buying a tractor that meets my needs. If anyone knows of an internet dealer that has these manuels for sale, please respond.
peppe i recently purchaced a kubota l2002dt[my 1st tractor].i know it crosses over to a l275 for engine [d1302] parts ,i have had no trouble getting the transmission the same .i know the pto transmission is different thanks
Ron Rodr I have and L2000 Kubota and need a service manual for this tractor. Can anyone cross this number over for me to the US number? A .50 frost plug let go and it is the second hardest one to change. It is right behind the pump. I need to know more about how to address this situation.
Ron I lost a frost pulg on the right side behind the hydralic pump. I would like to know What the American number is for a L2000 and if anyone knows how and where to get a service manual in english for this tractor.
Dante Escudero Sir, does anyone can teach me how to repair the Kubota L2000 hydraulic system.
Our province is poor and some person with kind-heart donate a Kubota l200 cultivator. It has a trouble on elevating the rear cultivator fork which i believe run by hydraulic system, the clutch beneath the seat controls it.

Maybe you can help us utilize the machine to help our poor farmers on planting rice efficiently.

Roman Can someone tell me where I can find an operators maual for my kubota L1801.
Amb Hi, I am looking for the brand of the gazoline injector system in a "Kubota B 1702, Sunshine Jr". Does anybody knows more about this? The idea is to use vegetal oil (eg sunflower oil), mixed with gasoil. The problem is that I need to know if the gasoil injection is "direct" or with a pump, and if so which brand of pump.
Your answers and sharing your knowledge will be much apreciated! Best,

David I have a Kobota L1802OT. what is a America crossover model for parts and where can i find a manual
Sherri Can anyone tell me what the American cross over model number is for a K028 (mini excavator). Right now I need rollers for the tracks.
Thanks a bunch.

Ran I have a Kubota L1500 and i was wondering if anyone knows what the US model number would be for it?
Craig Thibodeau I have a kx-033 excavator, I'm trying to find parts for this machine. Motor,pumps,etc. I know that under carriage parts is a the same as a kx-71, I replace all bottom rolls sprockets and tracks. Can anybody help me?
John Prassas HI I need to know if the zen-noh l2000 crosses over to the l225 and l225 dt
I have a shifter that is broken

Natalia Wagner Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am working for wholesaler company of special tyres in Germany.
One of our customers has bought a Kubota B1600 and he would like to have new tyres, but for replacing the tyres from Turf to Agricultural tyres we would need some technical information otherwise it won`t work, I am afraid. Than nobody in Europe has the neccessary information.
I hope that you can help me, in this case.
Would you have an Idee where I could get some answers for my question about the above mentioned vehicle:
1. What would be load per axle for front and rear?
2. axle ratio/Transmission ration from front to rear tyre?
3. which sizes are the original tyres on the vehicle, with what pattern?

I would appreciate your soon response to my business address
Thank you for your assitance in advance.

Kindes regards,

Natalia Wagner

jimmy-Gray Wow this is a funny situation!
I have worked in the industry for almost 20 years and have repaired, imported and operated most brands of tractors. As for Kubota I know them inside out.
Kubota dealers in all western countries have been "Educated" by the their suppliers that you can not buy parts for "Grey Kubota Tractor".
The truth is that the supposed Grey import market is hurting new Kubota sales. So a campaign has been launched to counter this problem,In Australia its called the "Get Real campagn" obviously it is having some affect on the target market creating some paranoia.
Really who would buy a new Kubota for a hobby farm for 20k when you can get the same kind of thing for 10k! thats a whole lot of hot dinners.
It is a simple fact that the only differences between "Grey" and Western release tractors is 4 speed PTO's, a few labels and the lack of 3 point linkage on some smaller models (the mounts are still there, just not the arms)and some minor body work etc. Its all about Information, supplying your genuine dealer with the right info, as not to upset him! A small tip as mentioned in an earlier post is- get the engine model off the block and tell them its in a welder or whatever.
So if you've got the cash don't be tight! buy a new Kubota (made in Japan) John Deere (made in Japan)Massey ferguson (made in Japan,)Case(made in Japan)Kioti/AKA Daedong(made in Korea, mechanically almost an exact copy of a Kubota)etc etc "its a mine field"

neives i went to the local kubota dealership&purchased parts for my grey market tractor without a problem
Ross Curry I too am looking for the cross-over model # for a Kubota L1-R26 if anyone can help.
greg vaughn looking for a cross refrance from a L2201 so i can get parts, looking for a left front spindal/king pin assy
Bill HI I looking for sprockets for a KHO24 mini kubota excavator, and a parts book or manual. or is there a way to cross the parts no. to buy the parts from a kubota
Bill Cummins Does anyone know if there is a cross-over model number for a kubota B1600 and what HP a B1600 is. Thanks
Jc Boerner Hi guys . I'm looking for a cross reference for a Kubuta (Zen Noh ) ZB 1702 +rotovator . Thanks U for help …
Ken I have a B1600 Gray markey tractor,came with a B8200 I go to dealer and
I order parts for a B8200 same Poop different pile.
love this lil thing,have to sell it to pay bills unfortunatly,,but will get another ASAP.

stan hello, could anyone tell me the u.s. model for a kubota b7000 4wd and where to get a service manual? thanks
kal could anyone tell me the u.s. model for a kubota
L1500 2wd thanks

Rick Lick Need help to find a water pump for Kubota L1-22D. If there is a US cross model of this that would be great also.
Re: Grey market

Anyone know the us version of a kubota L2201?

paula I have a 1978 kh52sr excavator does anybody know what a american crossover would be.
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andy hey - i dont see what the fuss is all about- we have had our L1500 kubota for over 20 years & we never had a problem getting parts- we got them from delta tractor in lexington ms till they went out of business & we use global tractor in wiggins ms now. we changed the rear tires on ours- i turned two adapters & put 15" ford backhoe rims with bfg 35" all terrains on & it has worked perfect all these years. my other tractor is a 3320 zetor- a 1997 42hp tractor that i bought for $3000! see how far 3k goes at the jd dealer! these tractors need regular maintenance to stay in good working condition- and kept OUT of the weather! dont let them stay out in the rain! maintenance costs $ - if you cant afford to take proper care of your tractor then dont buy one & hire your tractor work done- you will be $ ahead.

Virgil I would like to know the US version of KX-027 Mini-Excavator
Need manuals/swing motor/rubber track replacement pads

James Bewer I have A Kubota B7001 4 wheel drive,some one has put B7100 decals on the hood,it has all the Japanese writing on it so i know its a Grey market tractor,it had a bush hog on it before i bought it and the PTO driveshaft was too long for it,he raised the lift and crushed the rear housing cover,the gears inside and and the bearings,does anyone know where i can find the PTO parts to fix it,the previous owner put on a new housing cover and put in an engine freeze plug where the PTO shaft goes,the cover fit as far as bolt holes,but the original bearings are quiet a bit larger on the original PTO shaft that came out of the old cover,and would also like to find a repair manuel and a cross over manuel for it also,im thinking the B7100 is the correct one but not sure,any help is appreciated,Thanks James Brewer

gene Looking for parts for L240 Kubota. Thanks, Gene
John Kortas Have a Kubota tractor Sunshine stamped on the grill Model L3502. Not on Kubota's gray machine list.Need parts for ring gear, axle, etc. Is there a cross-over number? Where can one find parts?

Thank you in advance.


Paul b marshall Looking for valve cover for L3502 4wd pt# 15471-1451-1 4cylinder diesel or if you have valve cover without decompression option 703 819 5355
slomo693845 Looking for any and all manuals for a Kubota L1801.Also,would like to have a crossover number or reference number,or whatever you call it,the same number now that is the same as the L1801...............Thanks
marisel sanderford the kubota sealership man told me that the best thing i could do was to set 9 or 10 sticks of dynimite under my kubota L2201 grey market and wait till the forth of July and light it up
curtis mccowan I need a stearing shaft, bearing, and bushing for my b7100 kubota, it is a gray market tractor and the serial #b7001-55689, if any one has one or can give me some contact info regarding ordering parts I would be thankful.
curtis 408-981-8886

Ron Villarreal I have a Kubota L280. Do you know what US model this crosses with?
gary greene looking for rear rims for my l1500 kubota
Randy gibson I purchased a grey import Kabota mini excavator RX302.As experienced by other owners,Kabota black balls you and will not sell u a part.The machines VINtag says Kabota but the teal green colour under the engine hood suggests another make such as IHI.I am looking for a hydraulic pump.Although the pump was working fine,the splines on the pump and on the flywheel connecting plate were rusted and wore out.I have found it impossible to sourse a replacement.
Gary Renwick Hi I have a Kubota L1802DT can anyone give me the crossover for this model the kubota dealers here in perth are saying the usual stuff you cant buy parts for this model, and yet when i took in a fuel bowl they could match it up without a model number.
Nataliaa Hello,

I have a Kubota model kx-033 and i am looking for a salvage machine to go on it? I have been searching for this thing for 2 days straight now non stop and i havent gotten anywhere.. you guys seem to know a good bit about these types of things and i was wondering if anybody could be so kind as to help me with this? Even the smallest bit of information would be helpful for me!

Thanks so much in advance!

jim i have a grey market L2000 it has a 4speed pto can anyone tell me what speed should the pto be in to operate a 48 inch woods trim mower pto-1 540 thank jim
brian Lee I just purchased a Kubota excavaator KH-30. I want to purchase an owners, sevice and parts manual. I also need purchase a tempature sending switch anda few rollers for this unit. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
Dave N
Re: Grey market

I have what I believe to be a mid 1970's Kubota 4WD,PTO,Front Loader, box scraper, 2CYL, Japanese gray market unit. I think it is a b7000. It is compact and narrow, but very well built. I am looking for front u-joint/yoke parts.Please feel free to email me and I can send some pictures and maybe you can help me figure where to locate parts. Thank yo for your

John Stupid thing is that the "white" market Kubotas are also IMPORTED! Just they go through a different channel, and are usually not used.

I have owned 2 "grey" imported Kubotas, never a problem except with the official dealers.

ash Hi I am after a service manual for Kubota KX 033 can any one please help. Thank you
Ken Small I have a kubota L2601DT. Can anyone give me the Alt model for it. I have had trouble with the gear selector.
david I just purchased a kx-027 excavator and I'm looking for owner's manual,and parts & service manuals. Knowing the North American cross over will help me with my local "kubota" dealer. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Chris Woodward I need to find the parts to do a clutch job on my L1 R26 . And the manuals would be neet to have
Dewey Norton Sir, I have a Kubota L2000 and would like a shop service manual. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


scott knepple Does any one know the american model that matches the japanese kubota RX301 mini-excavtor?
Gray Lackey Need help with crossover and parts for Kubota/Daedong L3502 4WD.

Need all oil seals for front axle, both sides. If these is a US crossover, that will work too.

BTW all Kubota dealers in central NC want to throw me out on my head for even mentioning the number.

Tom I'd like some info please.....I am considering buying a KX-027 excavator in New Hampshire. I've asked nearby Kubota dealers, and they are not helpfull in supplying parts or info to help me order parts. Obviously they could help if they wanted to. Does anyone know of a dealer or other source in my area who will? Or, is there a cross reference list of grey market kubota models and US equivalents somewhere??
Roddie Mckie hi my b1402 sunshine 3 cyld 19 hp d850l is blowing oil into rad and oil out the exaust it's cold here, b.c canada and don't think i had enough anti freeze...stupid i know....sould be my question is should i pull the whole engine and work on it some place warm or try to get get front end loader off and work on it in the cold? keep in mind it's parked in a tight spot and won't start so will have to man-handle it out of the for any advice...thanks Roddie
john punter Kubota L2002DT-can somebody tell me the non grey cross over Kubota number for this model to enable me to get/know what fits. Thank you.
vj williams i have a 2ooo Ford diesel late model non louvered hood that is a 1 row tractor . it will close up to 40" front 42" rear center center tires. The serial nos are as follows D 2000 V then right below 3F1B then below A 244084.All serial nos surrounded by 4 ford oval emblems. I was told this was probably a vineyard model and that they are very rare in usa. i would like any info on this tractor- it is for sale if you could help me fine someone interested thanks vj williams
Glenn Davis I am looking for a radiator for L3001 4cyl. 4x4 tractor. Can someone direct me?

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