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Kubota L4150 3 pt. hitch won't lift weight

LARRY BETZ I just bought a 1986 Kubota L4150 w/Hyd. shuttle shift. The 3pt. hitch goes up with no wt. on, but will not even lift with me standing on it (250lbs.). Hyd. oil is full and clean. With the lever in the down position it will go down with me standing on it, but ther is no down pressure. Also with the lever in the raise position but the draft lever in the deep position it goes down. IF you leave it in the raise position and the draft lever in the shallow position the arms will stay up but will seep down overnight. It makes no noises, jerking or anything while trying to lift or lower the three point. I can see the oil circulating thru the fill plug hole. For some reason I can not get the flow control knob beneath the seat to turn one way or the other. Also the hyd. shuttle shift and the power steering work fine. Any ideas on what may be causing the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Larry.
Joe Have you replaced the hydraulic filter? Some have a screen to clean instead of replace filter.
Sounds like oil is restricted. There is no down
pressure, the weight of the implement causes the
lift to lower.

8x56mn More then likly it's the control knob that is frozen from not being used. Get a pair of adjustable pliers and gently try turning it back and forth to get it to free up and you will see the arms move like they should
jm. O.K. Larry I am out of the country and was late getting your post. First the little black knob has nothing to do with your problem. Do not bust the knob trying to turn it. ALL that does is adjust the rate of LOWERING nothing with the lift. About as simple as turning off the water if you screw the knob to the right or in the lift will not lower. Made to control the rate of drop on heavy implements . Now to your problem.. Problem is the draft control. the draft control on that unit was an optional dealer added affair that in truth never worked too well and was very difficult to get adjusted right. What is going on is the linkage is out of place and in affect when you move the real three point to lift the draft is not letting the valve move. Solution or proof of my theory. Go to the rear and look at the right lift arm upper. Right back on the back see the small rod that goes forward to the control levers Just unhook it on either end. Now try the lift and your arms will come up. Too complicated here to tell you how and what needs to be adjusted. Click on my name and send me an e-mail. When I return to the states I will contact you and get things worked out.. jm. O your lift will NEVER have down pressure, no does any other modern tractor.
Warren Goodrich Hi
I have exactly the same problem could you please let me know what I should do

Lee fraser My 1989 Kubota L4150 won,t lift .. could you send me how to adjust the linkage to make it work. Thank you so much .

leonard kuhn 3 pt hitch will only raise at over 2000 rpms.Have changed fluid with Kubota super udt and both filters.removed relief valve and check valve and safety valves.they look ok.Any ideas?
Thank you

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