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gear oil for TG1860

Steve Pardon my ignorance, but my TG1860 manual is no more specific in identifying the type of gear box oil required other than "SAE #90."

Am I good to go with Valvoline High Performance 80W-90 (meets API GL-4 or GL-5), or is there a specific 90 weight oil I must use?

SD Been a auto tech now for over 45 years. To the
best of my knowledge SAE 90 could only be GL5
In a regular or synthetic hypoid (rear end dope)
Harley Davidson at one time used a SAE 60 because
they wouldn't stay together with out it. SAE 60
is the highest viscosity I remember in a regular
engine type oil. Don't believe that is around anymore. The 80W-90 you're referring to is really
80 viscosity but will work for 90 viscosity.
I don't think your ignorant at all, your on the
correct thought. The persons that Draft the manual could use some education.
Could be JM might hop in on this...could be something either of us are aware of.

SmokinDog Couldn't say for sure, however I have a finish
mower with a gear box that says use SAE #90.
That turned out to be GL-5 80W-90. I went with
Valvoline synthetic GL-5. It cost a bunch more
but will cut heat and friction much better.

RoadRunner Say SmokinDog, Don't you have to clean out the
gear box before you change to synthetic? And is
Valvoline the best in your opinion?

SmokinDog HEY RoadRunner ! Where have you been?
Yep you do need to clean the box out. What I did
was drain the regular GL-5, install the synthetic
and run the mower about 5 or 10 minutes then change it again. Valvoline is not the best, but is good, and easy to find. The best I know of is KENDAL, but a bit hard to find.

RoadRunner Hey man, i've been on the site a lot, just reading. Haven't had much to say.
Steve Thanks, guys, for the input.

Frequently, the devil is in the details, and I don't want to do something stupid when it can be prevented by just a little research.

My local Kubota dealer representative says just use 80W-90 as well. Newer manuals are better worded in their recommended fluids description.

jm. Well thought I would let somebody else hash it out and seems you guys got it right. At least that is my thoughts. All the manuals are originaly written in Japanse and in the transation things were not to good. Kubota will now tell you 85w/90 . I am sure you guys may be on to something wit the synthetic. For years in the highspeed gear boxes that we saw a lot a failure , we went to using about 25% Lucas oil treatment. I can take a heat gun and show you that it cuts heat. The big front deck mowers with 30hp or so were burning those gear boxes untill we went to adding lucas and pretty well stoped the problem. I think is is a lot like stp or slick 50 but just seems to work a little better. Biggest thing is to keep the oil at proper level and change it. We see mowers 10 years old that the oil lubricant has never been changed in the gear box.

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