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B 2320 three point hitch lowering speed control

Ray My rear mounted implements slowly drop even though the control knob is turned off. I've removed the seat, seat bracket and fender bracket. I see a long shaft going back to the gear box. There is an internal snap ring. Can I fix the problem without major teardown? This tractor has the standard shift tranny, not HST. Thanks for any advice.
jm. Ray To fix this you would have to go in from the top. The read top cover has to come off the tractor. Not somethin for the inexperienced. Your lift piston packing has to be bad IF THE IMPLMENT is LEAKING DOWN with the valve screwed all the way in. I THINK the shaft you are talking about is under the tractor and drives the front wheels. Keep in touch and let me know your outcome.
Ray The shaft I mentioned is the one the control knob is on. The shaft turns as you turn the knob.
jm. Nothing to be gained by removing that small rod or shaft. That shaft fastens to the lowering rate valve wich esentialy is just a boldt screwing down in a passage. With the knob OUT in normal operating position and say a box blade on the tractor, if you raise the blade how long vbefore it lowers ?20 secons, 1 minute, i hr ?
Ray Thanks for your help. It takes maybe 10 minutes then I have to re-adjust the height. I suppose it would take an hour to go down from top to bottom. Just annoying. Done this since new, now 2 years old. Love the little tractor still.
Ray I'm reading then that there might not be a replaceable seal but instead it's just a metal on metal (bolt on drilled orfice) setup. It always feels like there's no cushion to it when it's screwed in (like a faucet). Usually very difficult to unscrew like metal on metal. Guess it may be normal. Thanks.
jm. Ray : I guess I am a little confused, first most folks NEVER touch that lowering adjustment knob. That is just as I explained a kinda round end boldt screwing in to a metal seat , NO oring or seal so yes it screws down to a hard stop. My question is this why are you even touching that adjustment. What I a m concerned about is with the valve OPEN how does the tractor operate. Lets say you have a grader blade on and start down the drive to you constantly have to touch the lift or maybe once ever 3 minutes or so. what normally happens there is yes you have to bump the lift because the blade is bouncing up and down and works down. Now a whold difffrent thing is if you park the tractor with the blade up (VALVE OPEN) how long before the blade leaks to the ground ? Oil does pass the lift piston seals but very slowly. Give me some answers. jm.
Ray I remember reading posts where the operator didn't know what that knob was for or even where it was. The manual states it is used to control the implement lowering speed. Could it be it's not a cut-off at all? I believe I started useing it when I noticed my pasture shreder needed to be raised every once in a while. Something gave me the notion turning off the valve would lock it. Never did work though. I will try it without turning off the valve soon and get back to you.
Ray Yesterday, I had a new mini-baler attached and left it parked in the normal travelling state. Level and ready to get after hay. In two hours the arms were all the way down. Engine was off, lowering control valve was off. . .tight.
jm. O.K. Now we are getting somewhere. You read right IMPLMENT LOWERING SPEED CONTROL.. It is not a postive off but only SLOWS the rate of implment lowering . Usually never used by most unless they put a real hevy implment on the rear. With a heavy tiller you can slow down the rate of lowering. That cutter was going down by implment bounce pretty common in that little tractor. Hope I have not confused you but your tractor is probably normal even though it may not be doing just as yu would like..and again thanks for choosing KUBOTA and if I can be of use please
Ray According to the manual, the implement lowering control has these three settings: FAST, SLOW and LOCK. Slow being anywhere between fully open and fully closed.
Ray Thanks again JM.
jm. Won,t take but a minute to take it out and look but it is just a round end in a semi seat. In a real world it should shut off but most do not.

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