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Tractor won't start

Scott I drove my tractor (HST 4630) to the woods and parked and turned off engine. I loaded the bucket with wood and I went to start ( pushed in clutch, sitting well in seat glow plug wont go off) but the engine wont turn over at all. The panel display showed the glow plug and the battery. I thought maybe the battery was low so I jumped it from my truck. Still won't turn over. I checked fuses in front of radiator and by clutch but nothing is blown. Now the panel indicates that the middle PTO is on ( but it isn't). I tried to turn PTO on then off. Still won't start. I could really use some ideas on what the problem is!
Please help! Thank you

jm. Scott: You did a good job explaning to me what the problem was and what you did to try to correct it. Really like a well worded question..
Now you almost answred your own question. You say the intel pannel says PTO ON.. There is the clue as you drove the tractor into the woods a limb or something has bent that pto switch bracket and the tractor THINKS the pto is engaged so it will not let you start it. Best I rember that switch is under the right rear should just take a little bending to get things back right.. PLEASE let me know the results and as always thanks for choosing KUBOTA....Jerry

Scott Thanks for the idea. I crawled under there and checked. I dont see any damage or bent linkage. I can work the PTO from under the tractor and it seems to engage and disengage fine. I never actually use this MID-PTO. I saw two circuits running from the PTO area. I disconnected the slip connectors but that didn't do anything either (maybe the circuit needs to be completed).
jm. Yes It would be necessary to JUMP or close thoes connections. That should solve the problem. Won,t be the mid pto will be the switch up under the right fender. Please post your findings or results.
Walter Friedl working on a kubota zero turn z21d wont start I could use a screw driver to jump across starter and it would run but when I shut it down will not start. I had the starter checked and it tested fine. I am thinking the ignition switch can you advise thank you Walter.

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