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L3400 fuel shut off solenoid

jefff L3400 Kubota stopped running/shut down. after looking into the problem, I've found that the fuel is not flowing from the pump to injectors and that the emergency shutoff switch underneath the seat is okay. need to see picture diagram of wiring diagram from fuse to fuel shut off solenoid and trouble shooting
jm. Jeff,, Can,t get you a photo but can explain it to you right quick. Reall common for people to misunderstand what is going on there.. Three wires. Within that fuel control sonolid is TWO coils. One is termed pull in coil the other hold in coil.. When you turn your key to START position the current flows thru all the safety switches and energises the PULL in coil, the when you drop the key back to the RUN position current flows to the hold in coil and therfore fuel continues to go to the injector pump..
Be carfull as you tes the coil you can ruin it.
Test light to the two wires and check what is hapening when you tyr and start as well as in run position then go to checking the safety switches. Let me know Jerry

jeff Jerry, tyfr Understanding that the switch underneath the seat is a two postion switch with three wires and One is termed pull in coil the other hold in coil. this switch checks okay. The only wires i can fine at the pump are two wires???? Then again I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for. lol
thepumpguysc Worst case senerio..REMOVE THE SH/OFF SOLENOID.
2- 10mm bolts..see if it runs..
turn down the idle screw to get it to shut=off..
Part # on the solenoid..

jm. Jeff I guess I have got you all messed up.. Nothin I said was about the seat operator presence switch. I was refering to the fuel control sonlid which on this tractor is not mounted on the injector pump as usual but rather in the front of the engine. Boldts to the front timing cover right oposite the injector pump.
There is where you should find the white plug with three wires to test.. Most of the time when I have this the problem ends up being a safety switch but if you have checks them next thing to check is fire or current to the fuel control sonolid. Hey Pumpguy .. where you been..? get this guy going.

jeff Lets back up..... I have no power going to the switch underneath the seat.

jm. The first place you need to go check is the fuel control sonolid.. Kinda hard to check or tell you how and when you will have power there under the seat but it is a three wire with one being in the start circuit and one being in the run circuit. Can,t be easily bypased but not normaly the source of the trouble. If you engine turns over and you just don,t have fuel going to the injectors it will most likly be like of fire to the fuel control sonolid.
jefff where is the 20 amp fuse located for the fuel solenoid
jm. Sit in the seat in a normal position. Look down to your left and your left toe should be pointing right to the fuse box cover. Lower left on the fire wall. Individual circuits are identified on inside of cover.
ken smith replaced silenoid, ran few minutes and cut off. blowed 5 amp fuse, tried 10,ran few minutes and blowed, then began blowing immediately. Need electrical diagram, need advice.
GS Anyone have a wiring diagram for the L3400?
Have no idea what saftey switches control the sonolid

Johnnp Having same problem. Where is relay to solanoid located. Here is no voltage going to solanoid
Donald Whisler Have a similar problem but with the starter relay. FSO solenoid woks just fine. Any experts in this area?

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