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Kubota RTV 900 Transmission

Joe Bigfellow Hello
I have a kubota RTV with 2000 hours.I changed transmission oil & filters and now the machine will not move.From what I can figure out I have no charge pressure.Is it posible to lose prime on the charge pump.
Thank You Joe

jm. You got it. Pulll the filters especially the lower back one. Fill with oil and reinstall. Then when you try to start the unit take a rag and wrap around a air blower. There where you put the oil in just put a little low preasure air to the transmission case.. Should pick you but 2000 hrs on one of the transmission,s is just about at it,s limits..
Walt Orth We have customer units with over 5000 Hrs. & no problems. Just service it recommended factory intervals.And use a quality oil.
Walt Orth We have customer units with over 5000 Hrs. & no problems. Just service it recommended factory intervals.And use a quality oil.
House We have one here at work with 6100 hours on it, original transmission!
john joyce Hi, I have a RTV 900 with 1000 hrs on it. I have serviced it regularly with Kubota filters and oil. The transmission has no power to the wheels and the back filter and oil drained from the transmission case is full of metal pieces (coarse and fine) This machine gets light duty use,any ideas would be appreciated. the dealer said a rebuilt trans was $7500, more than the machine is worth. Thanks, John
kevin transmission slips in reverse when there is resistance will not move is there a fix for this
Curtis Ledda I have a rtv 900 with around 700 hours on it, mostly used for residential and commercial snow plowing, recently I pushed some snow into a snow bank and I went to switch it into reverse and the machine didn't move. I messed with the differential and heard a pop and I moved the machine only to see transmission fluid pouring out the back of it and now it doesn't move. Is the transmission shot??
Mikeybluiz Need some advice - We have a RTV900 with about 1700 hours. Transmission goes into each gear solid, however, really slips a lot when driving. going on flat surface will hit about 10 MPH in High flat out. Going up 10-15% grade, it slips a lot and slows down to abut 3 MPH or less. Got it with 1200 hours, so don't know former service, but we have changed oil, fluid, and filters regularly. Love the machine and want to get 'er going..
Jeff I had the same problem with my RTV-X900. Changed the transmission fluid, and it would not move.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM. On "some" models of the RTV-900, the transmission uses fluid from what otherwise would be the tank for the bed-lift system. This tank is below the passenger's seat. Remove all of the stuff under the seats, and you will find a rubber plug that is about three inches in diameter (on the passengers side). Pull this plug, and you will see a little screw cap, about one-and-one half inches in diameter. Unscrew this cap, and fill the tank. Problem solved.

john dunajski no forward or reverse and had brass fines in the oil when I drained it I believe its the clutchs do they sell a clutch kit for the 900 rtv

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