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1988 Kubota L2550 wont start

51ranchwoman Help! I broke my honey's tractor. I managed to break the exhaust manifold when I drove it under a low branch and the exhaust pipe got caught up on it. While Parking it so it could be repaired, It wouldnt shut off with the key. I had to used the fuel cut-off knob. My husband replaced the exhaust manifold. When we tried to start it, it wouldn't crank & no lights lit up on the panel. Checked all the fuses we could easily locate. It's like the key won't turn it on. Is there a fuse hidden somewhere that causes the key not to work? I have a volt meter & the terminals on the battery reads 12.75V. Is there anything else I need to check with the voltmeter? How?
jm. Your l 2550 has besides the fuse circuit what is called a fusizable link. will be a peice of wire down by the starter. designed to burn before anything shorts out. You are going to have to find this link Kubota part number 38430- 34530 and replace it. You may have to find the wire that got shorted when you cracked the manifold.
Got something shorted out somewhere. Please let me know what you find. Jerry

Pismo ....Thanks Jerry.....When the exhaust broke the muffler dropped down and pinched the large red wire going to the alternator.....There was some insulation lost and looks like it grounded the main power wire to the alternator against the alternator body....I was real happy with my exhaust repairs and the replacement parts...but discovered the whole electrical system shut down.....We will dive into the wires in that area for the fusible link
jm. I would like to tell you for sure but right in the middle of that model run we made a change. The latter units you go to the starter and you will find the fusevible link is a red loop that terminates at a white plastic plug. Just a short 4 in loop of wree. Lot harder on the older unit.
Go to where the battery cabel fastens to the starter then back up the smaller red wire. The first 4 inches or so may be green anyway the fuse or burn out link is in this wire that suplies your dash. Goes from that starter post to the start switch. Link will be there around starter.. Good luck Jerry

jm. I just now read the first post:: A woman with a volt meeter . that,s a new one for this formum. My kind of woman.
farmm Now be careful what you say about women, my wife used to maintain her own race/street car before I met her. She did quite well at it. She still knows her way around a wrench and a drill.
51ranchwoman Thank You so much Jerry. It was just as you had said. The loop happened to be blueish-green & I was looking for a red loop. My husband spotted the loop& removed it so I could check it. It was "open". We called our Kubota dealer and they had the part# you had provided for $5+chng. My husband picked it up,we installed it, put the covers back on & it started right up! We are amazed & so grateful! We would have gone crazy had you not replied to my posting. Thanks Again, I have to go put that work horse into action.
jm. In the middle of one of the most amazing place in my life. Winding up 10 days in China. Anyway THANKS the reply. So many people on here never let me know what the outcome was. You figure that well must have been right they never answred but it is good to KNOW that things were as I thought.. Have a good day JERRY
Scott I have a L2550 Kabota I just recently purchased. It was a 1994 model. Its started kinda hard like a bad connection some were. Today I started my 1994 L2250 Kabota and shut it back off, then let it sit for a couple hours. When I went back to started It I had nothing. After checking the Battery and other connections.I discovered the the wire going to the starter solenoid was disconnected. I replaced it . No change . I replace the connector. No change.I checked the fusible link , it had continuity . I jumper the starter fired wright up. Is there an additional fuse somewhere that addresses that circuit.

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