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L4610 engine rattle

JWW First Kubota I have owned, Just bought a L4610 and the engine seems to have excesse rattle, sounds like injector rattle had diesel service teck listen and he said he didn't think there was any problem with hte pump or injectors. My real question is are these excessively noisy? Thanks
jm. excessively noisy ///....Since I have been with kubota over 30 years would,n know what excessively nois would be..The L series does hit a hard lick. Timing or water in the fuel or worn injector tips all would make the engine have more noise. The other thing is that tractor has a full metal hood as oposed to tractors that have plastic or open shouds. Can,t tell you what to do if you have had a compentent mechanic look I guess I would just run it. If you feel real bad might put an oil preasure guage in one of the ports on the side of the engine and get a hot reading. really expect I would just run it. Good luck and sorry I can,t be of any more help but without being abel to listen anything would just be a guess. jm
treedr a friend is lookin for a 5 cylinder for , i believe a L3850 can get vin number n more info but i read jim has 30 yrs with orange tractors. any help findin a motor will b a great help thanks in advance gilly the tree dr
jm. trdeer: Your friend has problems If he has a l with 5 cylinder engine.. The L 3750 and L 4150 used an f2302 5 cylinder kubota engine.. Very rar and only used for a limited time. Pretty sure I can come up with an engine but also just a sure he would not like the price. That engine as a ruuning take out sells for around $ 2800.oo to $ 3,500.00 rebuilt well over 4 grand. jm.
farmm If you haven't owned a diesel tractor before it may seem loud on startup but have you noticed it is quieter after it warms up and after a few more RPM's , Do not run a diesel at low RPM's for a long time.
REX could have a low viscosity oil, causing it to rattle, like 10w-40. Most use
15w-40 in cold areas, 30w in hot areas.

jww Thanks for the replies. I have a 3000 ford diesel that i have owned for years and it is just that the Kubota has so much more, what i would call diesel rattle that it makes you want hearing protection! thanks again guys.

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