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Older B20 Backhoe non response

Grover I recently purchased an older B20 4wd with a BT 750 backhoe with auto return. Hydraulic filter changed recently. Checked hydraulic fluid level the week before and it was OK. It's had little use since. Didn't check yesterday before starting.

During operation of backhoe I notice the controls were becoming less responsive. Then the left to right swing on the boom stopped working.

Checking the fluids the hydralic fluild level was below the operation zone. Put fluid in and the less responsiveness went away in all of the hydraulic system except the left and right on the swing on the backhoe boom.

I checked the lines, their not live. No hydraulic fluid going through them.

Two Questions:
1. Do you measure the hydraulic fluid level when the tractor is cold or warm. Seems to make a difference. Manual only says when not running.

2. If everything else is working except the right and left swing on the boom, could it be the auto return? How would I check? Or could there be a block I didn't check. I tried engaging the auto return and it didn't do anything, so I left it off.

SAR Best time to check fluid levels is after one
sits over night and all the fluid has returned
to the sump. You may have air in the non working
area, if so it will bleed it's self with working
of the controls. May take several trys.

steve Try the screen filter on the backhoe. A slight reduction in flow or preasure can do some weird things. Does your backhoe have a valve that controls the swing speed? If so try opening and closeing it a couple of times. I had a float problem with my bradco, thought the valve might be bad or the preasure set wrong on the float. When I ripped into it, I found it wasn't a valve problem at all. the Joystick on the valve was hitting against the bracket that holds the top of the valve. Turned the joystick, retightened and It's worked fine since. Check the return line.
Mike Burke Please email me if you know a fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mikeburke227 at yahoo

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