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Kubota b2400 hst bi-speed turn

Edward Ward Hi, new to forum, I have a 1997 kubota b2400 hst with bi-speed turn, I had an authorized dealer fix a leak on the bi-speed turn unit, the leak was fixed, but now it seems that the bi-speed turn only works when you turn to the left, also it will only engage when you turn the wheel to the right, I think i got a bum job that was three times as much as I was quoted, can anyone help me on this, is it possible for the bi-speed to work only one way, the dealer said it was the first one they have worked on--maybe this was my sign, but i have called other dealers that don't know anything about this either, i have e-mailed kubota with no answer yet, thanks for anyones help or advice, i live in eastern NC
Luke What is a bi-speed turn? Something like power
steering? This is the first time I've ever
heard of it. Sorry can't help, just interested.

Edward Ward Luke, hi, when you engage bi-speed turn while in 4-wd, when the front tires are turned beyond about 25 degrees the front tires automatically start turning nearly twice as fast allowing you to make tighter and smoother turns without tearing up the grass, i personally liked this feature but I have heard others say that it will cause you front end to wear out quicker, looking for some advice from fellow tractor owners
Smokin Dog Sorry I can't help either. Just a thought. When
I worked with Volkswagen years ago, they had a
clutch called SAXOMATIC this was a normal straight shift clutch except it had a pressure
plate that worked almost like a weight controlled
slip clutch on the old Cushman scooters. This was
an attempt to have a automatic tranny. You could
use the clutch or could stop like a auto tranny,
the only time you had to use the clutch was when
you shift gears. This was a rare item, no one
ever heard of. I was lucky enought to have worked
on ONE. The factory didn't support this anymore
so we had to make do with what we had to rebuild
it. The answer to this problem, was we had to
remove the system and install a up to date clutch
which did away with the feature, and made it a
normal straight shift clutch. This same idea may
be what your faced with. You may have to do a
front axle assembly transplant to make it work.
You would loose your bi-speed thingie but would
be active again.
Hope someone has seen this before and can help

Jim Son has a B2410 HST Bi-speed. Great little tractor with a super nice feature! He did have a problem with his not engaging either direction before. Turned out to be a simple linkage adjustment. Took a field service tech about 10 minutes to fix.

I'm hoping that you'll find a dealer that has some experience with this optional feature - it's more than worth having.

BTW - the bi-speed is awesome for mowing around trees, etc. Pulls that little tractor around them like a ZTR!

Good luck.


Edward Thanks,Luke,Smokin Dog,Jim, for your comments, I was given a call by Kubota in Georgia about this issue and they will have this fixed either by the dealer or a field service tech. I agree with you Jim that this is a great option and really makes this tractor turn when in 4wd. My main issue with the dealer is that they let me pick the tractor up knowing that the bi-speed wasn't working properly, I am an 1-1/2 hours one way from this dealership and took off time from work. kubota sells tractors with bi-speed turn every day so I don't understand why the techs are not trained on this. Anyway maybe this will be resolved soon, Thanks

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