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M6800 Starting Problem

D2 I've got an intermittent starting problem on my M6800. Just started the other day, battery checks good, battery connections look good, pulled starter had it checked and it checked good. What happens is I turn the key, it clicks at the starter but doesn't crank the motor which made me believe it was the starter or solenoid. I get lucky every once in awhile when turning the key on and off and motor begins to crank and starts up. No problems when running. I have looked at the ground wire and it looks good. Is it possible for the solenoid to work on the bench but not work everytime when it is installed?
Lance N Hello
This a vary common problem.Check to be sure you are getting battery voltage on the small post on the starter when you try to start the tractor.With age all the conections start geting dirty and by the time the power gets to the starter ,it is low and will not engage the solenoid.And yes the starter will work on the bench and not on the tractor.I would take the solenoid apart and clean the contacts.I have alsoinstalled a remote solenoid ahead of the starter to help this problem.Email me and I can tell you how to do it.
Good Luck Lance

George Sounds like the common problem of the ground
cable where it bolts on the engine or frame.
don't just look at it, remove it and give it a
good cleaning. Most problems like you discribed
is a poor connection at the ground where it
bolts on the tractor not the battery post.

D2 Thanks George and Lance. I will clean all the contacts this time and give it another try. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks again.
RP You need a low voltage relay kit. Go to a John Deere dealer and get part #AM107421-- should be about $30 and come with instructions. An easy install and will solve your problems.
don grillo -did any of the above solve the starting problem? Same issue here. $2.000 labor/parts so far, Still go the problem.

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