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Kubota L3400 - Turns Over but Won't Start

Dave Hi. I've got a small problem with my Kubota L3400. For the past few days I haven't been able to start it. When I turn the ignition, it turns over but won't start. Battery is okay, fully charged and functional.

Sorry if this is an easy one, but I don't have the manual (lost forever) and the owner is too cheap to buy a new one. So here I am.

A few details - like I said it turns over fine. After some research I've discovered that it could be because of air in the fuel line (doubtful, as I usually see smoke coming out of the exhaust when trying to start it and it's had an almost full tank for weeks. It could be because there is water in the fuel. Haven't tried adding anything to try and take it out. Or it could be the fuel filter I suppose, but since I don't have the manual I don't want to fiddle with anything just yet.

Another thing - I can turn the ignition to a certain point to where it will start and run, but I have to hold the key in that position with my hand and when I let go it stops.

It's cold right now where I am - in the 40s during the day and below freezing at night. But I was able to start it in cold weather before. The other day the temps got into the high 50s and I was able to start it just fine. But in colder weather nothing.

rich4 There is a solenoid on the fuel pump that shuts off fuel flow when you turn the key to off. It could be shutting off the fuel prematurely, just a thought.
Check fuses etc.

the pump guy sc I agree..sounds like the soleniod is loosing power{bad key switch} Hook a volt meter up to the hot wire on the solenoid..Should have 10-12v while cranking... {e-mail sent}
Parker You mentioned in the next to last paregraph that by holding the key in a "certain" position it will start and continue to run. That points to a malfunction in the (key) switch. A diesel is electrically started but compression fired. As long as it gets clean fuel, ample air,and has sufficient compression, it will run. The start switch opens fuel flow in the on position and cuts it off in the stop position. It engages the starter in the spring loaded "start" position. Sounds like the switch is bad(or bad wire) and activating the "shut down (stop)" mechanism when not held in place. The fact that it runs while holding the switch pretty much eliminates fuel as the problem except that the faulty switch cuts the fuel flow off when you let it go.

I have an L3400. Haven't had that problem so far.

Parker Sorry, rich4 and pump guy. My screen wasn't showing your responses until after I posted. You're both right on. I just get long winded and over state a diagnosis.

Rick My tractor is having the same issues. I did remove the solenoid and it started. I reconnected the solenoid but nothing happened, it would not turn off, so had to choke it down to turn it off. I did turn the key with the solenoid hooked up but not in the tractor and the rod did not move. Where now?

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