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levers on Kubota B1500 DT

levers on Kubota B1500 DT

today I bought a Kubota B1500 DT.
Does anybody know what the middle lever on the right side is for?
The one on the bottom is for selecting high/low range, and the one on top is to raise or lower the implements. But the middle one is a mystery to me. It's not the PTO-speed (that's on the left side).

James Can't see the image very well. If it is the lever with the red cap, It appears to be 2 & 4 wheel drive selector. You should be able to see a break in the 2 wheel selection.
David Te one with the red cap is the one for selecting high/low range.
It's the one above.
The picture i added is one i found on internet. My own tractor is all in Japanese. On this picture, the lever i am talking about has a picture of a turtle an rabbit next to it.
It would seem logic that this one would be the range-selector, but it is not.
The lever always stays in the middle, when I push it forward or backwards, it bounces back. And when i hold it forward or backward, it makes a noise like i am doing something wrong :-)

David P.S.: I haven't found the 2wd - 4wd selector yet, but i didn't have time to look for it yet.
James David. Apparently your tractor and the one in the picture are not identical. The labels on the one above are. Bottom lever-2 Wheel/4 Wheel selector. Middle lever-High/Low Range, Top lever-implement Up/Down. I have a BX24 and the only lever on the right side that is spring loaded is the implement lever. Know this doesn't help much. Maybe someone with your exact unit will be more knowledgable.
farmm Send some pictures if you can. Is it a grey market tractor? I could not find any listings for a B1500 is it a B1550 instead. Try your clutch and the spring loaded lever to see what it does. Maybe that is the 2-4wd or maybe broken.
vakondherceg A középső kar a rotáción lévő másodlagos hidraulikát működteti. Amelyikkel a magasságot lehet állítani rotációzás közben.
Gary I have a Kubota 1500DT
First thing to keep in mind is that many of the knobs,levers,etc may have been painted over, and hard to see.
The lever with the red cap in your photo IS the hi\lo selector. The round lever knob above it IS the control valve for your rear remote hydraulics. It has an Up, Down, and automatic return to center. Your tractor may or may not have the remote lines installed. They come out of the side of the box where the remote lever and rear lift lever attach. You will also find a small screw type control valve near this box on the top rear which controls how fast pressure is released when you lower the rear lift arms. There is a small lever under the high\lo lever (not visible in your photo) which IS the 4wd\2wd selector. Right in front of the seat to the right of the gear shift there will be a dipstick for your hydraulic fluid, and to the left of the gearshift, a screw on cap for the hydraulic oil reservoir. You have a 3 speed PTO with a selector lever near your left foot. I think I've covered everything...feel free to email me at with any questions. I'm having a heck of a time finding any English if anyone's got a PDF copy, please email it to me.

Gary LaGuardia I have this exact tractor. The lever right below the 3pt lift lever is to operate the rear aux hydraulics. If your tractor has aux couplers installed, this lever will provide hydraulic flow in one direction or the other depending on if you push it up or down. I use it to control a cylinder I put on my back blade to convert it to power angle. You can also use a cylinder as a powered adjustable top link...this is very handy.

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