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Kubota M7040 and 15' batwing

Janine Hill Hi
I need to pull a standard duty 15' batwing mow deck with a M7040 can anyone tell me if that will have plenty of power to deal with some long grass and some moderate hills?
The book says the batwing needs 45-160 hp but I'm skeptical.
the M7040 has a pto hp of 62. If i move upto the M8540 it only has a Cat 2 hitch and i have some smaller implements i still would like to use.
Any ideas??

Sam The M7040 is plenty of tractor to pull your
15 foot mower, In fact a size smaller tractor
would handle it just fine. I think your under
estimating the awsome power the M7040 developes.
45 to 160 HP for the tool, means it needs at
least 45 hp to run it, the 160 hp means the
mower will take the punishment of that size
tractor. The tool manufacture will estimate
what they think the best size tractor should
be for their equipment. I will bet you that
a smaller tractor with 35 to 40 pto hp will
pull and work that 15 foot mower like it
wasn't hooked to it, and the tractor wouldn't
even break a sweet.
However; purchasing a tractor as large and
more hp is great if your wallet will hold up
to it.

RICK Agree with Sam 100%
keith thomas I hope this response is not too late for you. If you have bahia grass and it gets pretty thick, you will wish you had a 100 hp tractor. I promise! We have a m9000 80 pto and it will choke down to low range 2nd gear, and also on steep hills. I know for sure the tractor is fine. We have used other tractors as well. If you don't cut grass lower than about 6 to 8 inches it helps a lot, but if you want to cut it low like a lawn, you can forget it if the grass is tall & thick. If you work a tractor under a strain for long periods, it will run hot and shorten the life of the engine.
Trey I have a landpride RCR3515 with a M7040. I can 100% tell you that if you get into moderate to high grass you will wish you had more power unless you don't mind cutting in low 3rd or less. It will starting bogging down in low 4th gear. The speed difference between 3rd and 4th is great when cutting a large pasture. I will eventually be looking into a 90+ hp. My Kubota rep says he sells 7040s all the time with a 15' cutter... I wouldn't recommend it... it works, but you will have to be conscience of the gear.

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