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B-2400 Fuel system issue

Chris Korjus Going up hill under a heavy load, B2400 sputtered and stalled. As if it lacked fuel. About 2 minutes alter, started up fine. Went about 10 minutes later, lite load (no pto), stalled again, 2 minutes started fine . . . got it to the barn w/o incident.

Went to check the fuel filter, closed the valve cock, and took off the plastic bowl. The fuel poured out (not as fast as when the valve was open). Put the plastic bowl back on. Bled the line . . . seems to work though did not do much of a test.

Questions -

Why did the fuel pour out with the valve closed?
Is it related to the stalling?
What to do?

Bevis My guess is the fuel shut off valve wasn't
completely closed, or it had some trash in it
and would close completely. The engine sputtering and dieing, then starting up again
with out a problem or bleeding the fuel system
tells me it's not fuel related. If it was fuel
related on a diesel, when it runs out of fuel
at the injector pump, you will bleed the system
before it starts again.
My guess on the stalling was you must have had
it in to high a gear for the hill and load.
Some tractors wont pull a hill in the higher
range gears with no load at all. The engine
just didn't have enough power to over come
the situation and it died.

Chris Korjus I would agree that it was a load problem except that, after it started, and I got it up the hill,without any load except running it, it died again after 5 minutes of use.

The valve was completely closed, at least in the sense that the handle was in the fully closed position. Replace the valve?

Thanks for your reply.

Bevis If your valve was closed like you say then
could be the valve is faulty. It should shut
of the fuel completely. You might be able to
remove it an give it a good cleaning. Diesel
doesn't have ignition like a gas job, it runs
by compression igniting the fuel, so if you
have fuel, compression, and the air filter
isn't stopped up it should run. It poss you
may have faulty injectors, that could cause
the problem also, but before I did all that
I would try it again in the lower gears, and
see what happens.

Chris Korjus Started up fine. Bush hogged the hill without incident. May check the fuel valve tonight (or may not. . . let sleeping dogs lie). Thanks for your help.
LOU Just my .02 cents, sounds like my bx-2200 when I had water in the fuel.
fuzzy check the fuel cap vent

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