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B8200 HST Transmission Problems

Todd I have a 1984 B8200 HST with hydrostatic transmission problems. When I first start using the tractor, it seems to operate fine. As it warms up, the transmission gradually gets to a point where it essentially stops working...the tractor just won't move and transmission makes a grinding noise. When checking the fluid after it is hot, it has a bit of a foamy appearance. Any thoughts? Can it be repaired?
Larry Caldwell Grinding noises out of a hydraulic transmission can't be good. Yes, it can be repaired, but it will probably be expensive. In the current economic climate, you might be able to buy a used tractor cheaper than you can buy new parts. All you can do is tear it down and take a look.
Todd Larry,
Thanks for your reply! The noise I'm hearing doesn't necessarily sound like metal-on-metal grinding. Instead, it almost seems like the tractor gradually loses hydraulic pressure as it warms up during use. Eventually it simply won't move anymore and something internal to the transmission or hydraulic pump starts to make a clicking noise. Could the pump be cavitating due to air in the lines? When I check the hydraulic fluid after this, it has a lot of tiny bubbles in it. Not sure if this is normal.

Larry Caldwell All you can do is tear it down and take a look. It sounds like you need to pay attention to the HST hydraulic circuit. I don't own that model, so can't give you any detailed info. You might check the shop manual to see if there are accessible external test ports where you could put a pressure gauge. If you don't have a shop manual, you need one.
Slang Sound like you are sucking air into the system.
Did it start all at once or gradually over time?
Did you happen to change fluid and filter (I assume it has one?) Sometimes if the filter is not the right one (non Kubota)it will not seal right.
It might be a clogged suction screen on the upstream side if it has one.

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