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L185 Kabota loader hydraulics

Dave Werden I think my loader hydraulic control may not be hooked up right on my 185. I only have 2 lines to it from my transmission housing. ( a total of six lines) Should there be another line to it? My 3 point bounces when I run the loader bucket and only works occasionally. I want to put a scraper or small brushhog on it and I'm concerned I won't be able to lift it. Also what do you suggest for an engine heater for the winter for this tractor.
farmm The original hydraulic output line from the hydraulic pump on the tractor (which originally went to a line that went under the seat) should be run to your loader valve at one end and then the other side of the valve run back to the under seat connection. The 4 other lines from the loader valve go to the loader . If you have the proper pass through loader valve and connected correctly the loader should not effect 3pt. But both cannot be used at the same time, or both will be slow.

Check out report back.

Some use a oil dipstick heater with a timer so it does not get too hot.

Dave Werden Thanks for the info. Actually there are no hydraulic lines attached under the seat for the loader. One comes from the right side of the transmission about half way up and the return (I assume) is hooked up to a fitting on the bottom of the transmission housing. Could this be the problem? I noticed that the control valve under the seat does nothing at all when cranked either way.
farmm Ok, the connection is not under the seat but the pipe goes there eventually, the connection on the side of the transmission is correct if it goes to one side of the loader valve and the other side of the loader valve goes to the engine pump. The return line should still go to the engine pump. If this is correct, and still does not work, then temporarily connect the line from the engine pump to the side of trans connection and see if the 3pt works. then you can see if the loader valve is the right type or not or 3pt is at fault.

Is this a new purchase or used purchase for loader? Did it work once or not. usefull info.

Dave Werden Thanks for your reply. This is a used tractor(with loader) that I bought to move gravel and rocks (landscaping) and maintain our 3/4 mile long driveway. Its working the same way it was when I bought it (loader only works if the 3 pt. lever is in the "raise position" If the 3 pt. lever is in the middle position or lowered postion then I get no response from the loader). It came with large counter wieght on the 3 pt. that lifts iratically and bounces when I run the loader. I will check out the hoses as you suggested-Thanks

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