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B7100 clutch bearing problems

Tony I have a Kubota B7100 that has some kind of clutch or throw out bearing problem.
When I try to put in gear it is hard to go in and grinds. Once you get it in gear and release the clutch it is quite and the clutch don't slip. Works like it should, but when you go to push in the clutch again it won't release and it make a growling (bad bearing) sound. I thought the throw out bearing is bad, but the strange thing is if the tractor is in neutral and you push in the clutch it is smooth and quite. It only growles if the transmission is in gear and you push the clutch.
Any help would be great.

Tom Bower Hey Tony,
It sounds like the the pilot bearing is shot.
That will give you all your symtoms exactly.

The bad thing is if it's doing this the pilot end of the tranny input shaft is toast. Also it can gall the pilot bearing pocket of the crank shaft also. Dang it.

Tony Hey Tom,
That don't sound good. I guess I will dive in and just see how bad the damage is.
Thanks for you help.

David Please let me know what you find out my b7100 is starting to do the same thing. If I idle all the way down before shifting or pushing in the clutch it goes in and out of gear easy and no noises.

Tony David,
I will let you know what I find. I'm not going to be able to get to it this week or next.
But when I do I will let you know.

Ken Sounds like the pressure plate fingers are getting weak. If it will shift better at low speads or low Rpm that is the start if a bad pressure plate.
Tony Well, I finally found some time to tear into the tractor.
Here is what I found. First off the throw out bearing is junk. That was the growling noise, but the bigger problem is the transfer shaft (the shaft that goes from the transmission through the clutch disk and into the pilot bushing)has been either broken on chewed up on the end that goes into the pilot bushing and someone (before I got the tractor) tried to fix it by welding it up and grinding it back round. Needless to say they done a very poor job and it ate the pilot bushing out and is very sloppy.
So I have ordered all the new parts.

Bill I also had growling noises and shifting difficulties. What I found was the pilot bushing (crank end) was not just worn, it was gone causing lots of wobble on the propeller shaft. Got a new bushing and question, is there a ridge machined into the crank to prevent the bushing from moving forward?

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