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Kubot w5021

Raymond Childers I have a 20 year old Kubota w5021-sc. Does anyone know if it is a 2 stroke(I'm assuming it is) or is it a 4 stroke? (I recently developed an oil leak after 19 great years of service and am now having to change the oil quite frequently)
Thank you Ray

8x56mn If your puting oil into it it's four stroke. Two strokes use a gas oil mixture in the fuel tank.

George Wiseincoff The only 2stroke diesel I know of is a
Detroit Diesel, and they were huge engines.
they did cary oil in the crank case like a
4 stroke, but were very weard built, and have
long sense been discontinued years ago.
Are you asking if the engine is a 2 cylinder
or 4 cylinder? Who knows it could be a 3 cylinder. Also if you have a oil leak, why are
you changing oil, instead of just adding it?

Anthony Treace
Re: Kubot w5021

Yor're talking about the Kubota self-propelled lawnmower, right?
It's a four stroke .....I have two of these push mowers .....excellent machines.

Arthur This isn't really a follow up, but I can't find anyone who else who knows that Kubota made a walk-behind mower at all. My throttle refuses to move an inch. I can't even start the dang thing. The linkage on the carb moves just fine, but the cable will not budge. HELP!!!
Jason most likely the cable has seized up from moisture,.. have you tried spraying some WD-40 into it and letting it soak,.. or maybe remove it and take it to a place that specializes in small engine repair.
nicholas1836 Your kubota dealer will have the part or can get it. All parts are still available. This is a great mower - it is worth fixing.
chet it is a 4 cycle
bob davis You are an IDIOT. You have owned a mower for 20 years and are asking whether it was 2 cycle or 4 cycle?! Do you even know what that means? I suggest more meds for you!...
Madman Ray, what difference does it make if it is a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke if it is fucked? I guess you may be asking this because soemone said "did you put oil in the fuel to stop it from getting fucked"? And your reply was "hell, I didn't know it was a mower until you asked me, I thought it was a washing machine". Well there you go. One born every minute. And the dude who is going on about it being two, three or four cylinders? It's not a car mate it's a fucking lawn mower. Arggggggh! some people are so dumb. Finally, yes, it is a 4 stroke. That's why it goes putt, putt, putt, putt like a tractor because the fuel explodes every fourth revolution. If it was a 2 stoke it would be exploding every two revolutions and it would be making a ziiiiiiiiing, ding, ding, ding, ding sound. Get it? By the way, I just changed the oil in mine after 20 years. It came out like treacle. I am just worried the 5W30 I put back in will no longer hold the bits together and they are all gonna come out the exhaust.
Bill It's people like Bob davis and Madman, that make people like Raymond Childers get on top of shopping malls and shoot people at random...They never learn! Always Thinking they're so Big and Bad...
Rolls eyes. Might go bang me head on a wall a few hunderd times Bill, you need to loosen your grip mate. It is obvious the original poster is a complete moron if he has oil leaking out he and does not know it is 4 stroke. People like that should not be near anything sharp to begin with. Then there is the complete goose like George who says and I quote "if you have a oil leak, why are
you changing oil, instead of just adding it". Well there is a brilliant statement. How about "if you have a oil leak why aren't you fixing it" would be a much better option. Then he goes on about it being a Detroit Diesel, having 4 cylinders or 3's a lawn mower. Then we have id-yits like you who have to add their 3 cents which adds up to 2 cents minus a brain cell or two million.

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