pto runs with clutch depressed

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pto runs with clutch depressed

sandy maclean I have an older kubota L345DT (i'm told it has a double clutch.)Drives and gears work fine,but if the pto is in gear it will not stop when i depress the clutch pedal.If it has 2 clutches can anyone explain how they work ? does one run the pto only and the other the gear box?I took of a side plate and can only see the release mechanism.It seems to be working ok. Any easy fixes? thanks
sandy maclean To clarify it is the pto that will not stop when i depress the clutch.The only way to stop it is to place the pto lever in neutral
Smokin Dog If your tractor didn't have a double clutch
the PTO would only turn while the tractor was
in motion. Sounds like the clutch for the PTO
isn't releasing,could be just stuck to the
pressure plate, or the release mechanism for
that part of the clutch is broken or out of

Sam Smokin is correct, the adjustment could be
made through the inspection hole if it isn't
broken. Any big repairs would require braking
the tractor apart.

CJ YEP, Smokin Dog and Sam are both correct, if
you can work the tractor like it is safely
you might wont to go that way, clutch repair
is expensive.

Smokin Dog To answer your question, the double clutch
has two clutch plates, one drives the tractor
gear box, the other drives the PTO. They are
both in the same clutch housing. Don't think
your looking at a easy fix, except with a bit
of luck it's the adjustment.

WS Tried to email you a diagram of the clutch
so you would know what it looks like but your
email address said invalid.

steve Sandy,
I have the L4200. I do not know if they are the same as for as clutch/pot operation. But I will tell you how mine is made and operates. My input shaft for the PTO goes through the center of the drive shaft for the transfer case. When the clutch for forward or reverse travel is engaged, the pto input shaft is still engage into the flywheel. When I want to engage the PTO mine has the little lever to the right of the seat which opens a valve which allows hydro fluid in to engage the clutch for the pto. My tractor, the pto is turning as long as the little lever is engaged. To sum it up, the tractor forward/reverse drive is indepentent of the pto drive. This is first hand because I had to take mine down to replace a bearing on the input shaft. Hope this helps, if not I tried.

sandymaclean this is my correct add. (ws) if you can send me the diaghram thanks for all the help
WS Tried it again..... wouldn't go.
said...destination not valid within DNS.
What area do you live in?

sandy maclean I'm in nova Scotia Canada.Do you know if it is the front clutch plate or rear one that operates the pto? again my email is or try my hotmail. thanks
sandy maclean WS can you send clutch diagram to this add.
WS Sandy.....that one seemed to have worked,
hope it makes it to you. From Alabama USA.

WS The front disc is the gear box clutch.
The rear disc is the PTO clutch.

sandt maclean to ws got your clutch pics but they were blurred,thanks any way, maye be you could answer a couple of questions.When i look in the inspection hole (rt side) i see the clutch fork.Are both clutches forward of this fork? If so i'm looking at the rear one (stuck one)AM i right?Would spraying with penetrating oil ruin both clutches?Also i'm told the tractor should stop travelinf at 1/2 clutch depression and pto at full depression.Is that a correct atatement?
william baldwin I'm looking at a mahindra 350 tractor that doesnt have a live pto and need to know what manufacturers make a one way clutch and the part number for this unit
Jeff I have a L3000DT with a double clutch. My drive clutch started slipping and I did an adjustment on the clutch rod to try to extend the life of my drive clutch. Then my PTO clutch would not shut off when I pushed the clutch. You may have your adjustment too far back and not pushing the pressure plate far enough to release the PTO clutch since the drive clutch releases at half clutch normally and the PTO clutch releases at full clutch normally.
dove how to install kubota dual clutch

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