Turbo Kit for a BX2200?

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Turbo Kit for a BX2200?

David Byrum Hey Guys this is my first post and I have a question that some may think is crazy, but I have a 2000 BX2200 4x4 with "60 cutting deck;By the way I tell people its one of the best things I've invested in,also I do a little gardening with it using a single turnplow and a "42 tiller.What I am wondering is there a small turbo kit that could be made to work on this little beast. I that some may be wondering why, well Ive allways been the kind that can't leave anything alone and I do know about and understand diesel engines (CUMMINS RULES by the way) so I know this sounds crazy I just like to have something that maybe the neighbors BX dosen't I know you guys know what I mean, well I've gone on enough I would appreciate some insight on this and thank you for your time.
farmm I have heard of turbochargers on small Kubota engines, but can't put my finger on where to find them, search the internet for tractor turbochargers and you will get some info. 25%?? I don't know and you will stress the engine and drivetrain a little more. Maybe just a free flowing intake filter or twin filters in parallel could help enough so you could turn the injector fuel up, another subject. If it smokes then too much. It would be a lot of money to get a turbo installed properly without blowing up the engine in the meantime. This is all custom work.
Tom Bower Hey David,
What size is ur engine?
I have done a couple turbo installs on Kubotas.
The latest one was on my B7300 with a 722 cc engine.
I am running about 7 p.s.i. boost and increased my h.p. from about 15 pto to 21 pto.
It is a kubota turbo made by mitsubishi. I think
the kubota part # is 16881-17010. I can make sure later when I get back to the lab.
However, That turbo does not have published A/R ratios, trim, wheel dia, and all the other stuff you need to match to ur engine.
If ur engine is larger than 722 cc then you can possibly get more than 7 psi from this one. But it's about $1300.
There is a small turbo in this range I've been spying on in e-bay that has published specs.
It is a little Garrett GT 1241. ebay #180147153811.
That one would be a very good start with an engine size of around 800 cc to 1100 cc. And with those #'s you can figure which way to go with the ratios and trim to get what u want. And that little critter even has a gate.
You will still have to build your mounting and oiling system but that is part of the fun.
Theoretically you can calculate dead on which turbo to put on ur engine but you will need to pull the head off and slap it on a flow bench to get the volumetric efficiency #'s
Sometimes "try it and see" works. If it don't, then sell it and get another with the #'s you need.
Also get a baseline hp from the p.t.o. dyno at ur dealer before you start. Then you'll know if all that beer drinkin and parts makin is worth it.
Let us know how it works out. Good luck.
enuf blabbin fer now. tom

David Byrum Hey Tom my little tractor has an 898cc engine 22hp and 16.7 at the PTO going by specs.This is some great info I will try to do a little more reaserch on this myself Im going to try to find that little turbo on ebay that your refering to and see what its all about this is not something Im going to get started with right away I need to get an idea on what everything is going to cost and see if it is in my budget.If you can think of anything else let me know,and thanks again for the info.

David Byrum Hey thanks for the reply, I may just go that rout with the filters and boosting the fuel and you are right black smoke just means wasted fuel, but you got to admit it looks cool. The stress factor is something that Im thinking of as well, so if the turbo idea starts looking like it will cost more than its worth than I may just go with the filters + fuel = black smoke idea.
Thanks again for the input,

RJ I'm not sure what engine comes inthe BX2200, I have been thinking of a turbo for my D905-EU2. I would like to use this engine to power a 12kw generator at 1800 RPM. Well it's a bit on the small side for that so have been thinking of a small turbo for it. I haven't settled on a turbo yet but I have looked at the G12 turbo's among a few others. I think the turbo is a great way to get some more power out of a small diesel , especially if you live at high altitudes.


RJ Tom I have seen that turbo for just over $1k. I'm not sure what it goes to. Our engine run a higher compression then turbo kubota engines. I would think we would want to keep it under 7 psi or so. I'm shooting for about 5-7. My engine is a bit larger then the one you used so the G-12 might work well.


RJ BTW Tom post some pics of your turbo setup, I'm sure other would find it helpful including myself :)



Tom Bower RJ,
I have got some pics of the turbo setup but I can't find anywhere on ssb to post them.
need help. Maybe I ain't lookin in the right place. Or maybe sombody knows.
I can e-mail them to you direct though. (I think).

Tom Bower RJ,
The GT1241 on e-bay is going for $600. It is the same size as the G-12.
You will need about 4 P.S.I. boost to
offset the installation back pressure.
You won't see anything until you get over about 5 p.s.i.g. Then stuff starts to happen. thats about 20 psi absolute
A fun way to get more snort from those little critters.

RJ You have my E-mail address. I can host them for you. Did you figure out what turbo it is you are using? There is a small KKK turbo that I have been looking at as well


RJ The turbo I'm talking about is at:


take the spaces out of W W W

rj check out item 160210732875 on e-bay. I think the garret turbo might be too large for out little engines. Maybe if i was planning on running over 1800 rpm it would work better.


mr roberts can i fit a turbo to my kubota diesel 3 cylinder 28 hp engine if so could you recommend an appropriate turbo and any information would be helpful thanks alan
Jared John Tom Bower,

Could you email me your notes possibly as I am starting a project very similar to yours on a bx1800 with the same D722 Engine. Thank you for your time.

Jared John Sorry I dont know if you can see my email, but you can email me at Thanks

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