Front blade for bx24

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Front blade for bx24

Anybody have an opinion on how well Kubota's blade works for snow? The fel is great for dirt and such but I just spent an hour pushing the same pile of snow up and down my driveway.

RJ dont have snow to push in tx, but if I was gonna with a FEL and rear box blade, I;d place the FEL in Float get a scoop and drop it off the side of the drive,

with box blade in rear, I'd set it a little off the ground and push backward at an angle off the drive

Chris Trouble is, driveway is 1/8 mile long and drops off pretty steep on both sides. Tried what you said before and was more of a pain in the neck.
Just wondering if Kubota's front blade would be worth the coin I know they're asking for it. Snow storms are about the only time I wished I'd had kids, getting too old an even lazier than I was before...

farmm My FEL works for me in snow but don't know how deep your snow is, it is easy for me to push a big pile off the side. Ideal would be FEL and an angled rear blade. Spending a hour is nothing. It all depends on how deep the snow is. With a front blade you are stuck without having the means to scoop snow when you need to. Just my thoughts. 1/8 mile in 1 foot snow could be taxing for your tractor.
WS I have a Bx22 with a front blade and it works ok. I do about 10 driveways with it you can angle it. Mine is a manual angle defiantly go with the hydraulic angle. Just have to watch digging up the gravel. I have tried to it with my FEL; I am done quicker with the blade. Yes if it gets real, deep and you need to move the snow you pop the blade off and put the FEL on and do what you have to. It doesn’t take long to do. What I do if it gets very deep I put on the front mounted snow blower; still have to watch the gravel, but you can move a lot of snow. Do expect to be covered with snow. I have a weight box on the back also; I have some steep driveways I do.
I use the blade in the spring to put the gravel back in the driveway and to level it off.

milt i have both fel and a blade for my bx 23.blade works so much better than the fel. it pushes the white stuff to either side,plus forward. upstate ny sees plenty of the stuff. if piles pile up its 15 minutes and the fel back on for removal and 2 more hours of fun. my thoughts.
Chris Thanks. Another concern I had was answered- about the weight/size of the tractor. As y'all know the bx24 is a little light in the seat. If Milt can use one in upstate NY (I've been there and know the snow gets deep) then it should work for me here in Wi. I don't really have to dump the snow anywhere, I can just push it off the other side of the Co. hwy I live on but a blade will change it from an 8 pass job to a 2 pass job.
Guess it's time to let the war dept know what I want for my birthday...
Again, thanks for the input from all of you.

slammer The 48" rear blade on my bx1500 worked just fine clearing the 1 mile road we live on of 3" of heavy wet snow. Working with a neighbor who has a Deere with a 6' rear blade we cleared the road in two passes. I led going down the center with the blade angled and he followed moving the snow I moved plus his snow off the road.
fasted I have a B7610HSD with a 50" front blade and it does a good job of moving snow in upstate N.Y. If you have a paved driveway, you should get the rubber scraper with the blade to prevent damaging you driveway, It might also help with a stone drive.
8x56mn I also live in western NY and we get snow on occasion.:) I have a FEL and a back blade that angles. I set the blade so it's verticle and angled on the first hole. I drive one direction with the bucket and use the blade going back. Also don't dump the bucket each time, just leave it full and it will act like a blade. Trick is to go slow and let the blade and bucked float.
Daddy Dave I have the JD 54" hydraulic blade on my BX1500 and live in Colorado where we get significant snow. The combination is great! With this last 12" of heavy wet spring snow, I ran it 3 hours doing many of my neighbor's driveways. I probably saved them a combined total of 300 hours of shoveling. Two swipes clears a single-wide driveway, four clears a double. We have 1.5-3 acre lots and longer driveways than standard neighborhoods. I'm now looking for the genuine Kubota blade to be ready for next winter. The JD has slow hydraulics and needs some customization to be ready for next year.
Daddy Dave Whoops - forgot to mention that the JD 54" requires a front plate adapter ($100) and uses long hoses to connect to the existing FEL valve which must be removed from the FEL. Fall installation takes 1.5 hours of cussing with hydraulic oil leaking all over the place and bleeding knuckles. It is impossible to install without leaking at least a quart of fluid. I paid the going rate for a worn-out JD blade - $450. My total expense was around $600. Is all the trouble worth saving $1000 over a new Kubota blade?

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