"New" kubota L210 wiring questions..

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"New" kubota L210 wiring questions..

jason Hello all.
i bought an L210 this past weekend that ran good, but needed wiring redone and fuel lines redone.. (20 minutes of TLC) it had no ignition switch and the guy i bought it from started it with a screw driver to show me that it ran.. so i bought a ten dollar 15 amp automotive type key switch and wired everything up, and it works great!!! here's my question though.. on the glow plug ckt.. would it be ok if i ran the glow plug line off of the accessory position on my key switch for warm up? ya know, just turn the key back for glow plugs, and to crank turn it forward? from what i've seen here the glow plugs take from "10 to 20 amps" does anyone have a more accurate number? will my idea work? i have the typical cold start issue that it seems everybody has that don't have functional glow plugs.. and i know mine don't function, because i cut the frayed, twisted, spliced night mare that was there off..

Smokin Dog jason, Your idea on the gloplug wiring, hook to
the acc side of the switch works great, I did
the same thing on an older tractor. when you
need the glowplugs you just turn the switch to
acc and hold it for a few seconds and then to
start, when you turn the switch off the acc area then the glowplugs are turned off.

jason thanks smokin, i'm glad somebody else doesn't mind a little southern enginuity on their smokers..
i'll try it today if it's not raining when i get home.

Smokin Dog Just a thought.....
you have to try how many seconds to hold the
acc switch to see what works for you.
in warm weather I would hold the switch
for about 10 sec, or count to 10.
in cold weather I would go for 20 sec or
count to 20.
you can burn out the glowplugs if you try a
long count.

JASON i did it this afternoon and it took me about 5 minutes.. wire from acc position to input of indicator.. wire from output of indicator to input of the coil resistor, wire from output of resistor to first glowplug.. turn key to acc position for bout 5 seconds.. watched the smoke boil from the old oil and deisel on the coil and glowplugs..
is there anyway to tell what year my tractor was made? by the serial number or vin??? where would that be located..
next project.. BRAKES!!!

Smokin dog I suggest seeing a dealer for the year info.
you will need the series (L210) and the vin,

Don't know where it's located on your tractor
My Kubota has a Tractor ID plate on the right
side of the front frame by the engine,
Tractor serial number on the tranny just under the seat.
Engine number on the engine block, right side close to the oil filter

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