Kubota BX 2200 wont start

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Kubota BX 2200 wont start

John Burnard My 500 hr Bx2200 will crank but not start, blows the 20 amp solinoid fuse, it is a large amp surge. The starter sounds fine, cranks well, fuel is being delivered. While cranking I can adjust throttle and increase sound of diesel entering engine but when key switch returns to "on" position it stalls out immediately. tried disconnecting fuel pump 3 wire relay, same result of blowing fuse. Looked over wire harness no shorts found by physical search.

Have had past issues with dirt/grease build up on PTO safety switch and causing to not start but that did not blow fuses... Any suggestions??

Brewster Does your machine turn off with the key or by pulling the throttle back? If it turns off with a key check the solenoid at the injector pump- different from fuel pump. I have heard of grounded stators in the alternator blowing the fuse only while your cranking. Sounds like we need to do away with the short before trying to start it.
John Burnard Short is the answer, for those who have faced this scenario of locating a short let me tell you this one.

tractor wont start, cranks and seems good till key gos to on position. 20 amp soliniod fuse pops as soon as key twists. I started with twenty 20 amp fuses and started unplugging various components such as fuel solinoid, generator, lights, glow plugs, followed wires looking for shorts. finally narrowed it down to the red with black strip circuit and followed that to the engine but kept blowing fuses, then it branched to the rear of tractor and found a plug connector under seat, with that un plugged she will start and run, fuse is shared with fuel soliniod.

I still need to find what is shorted from that point back, it will be either flashers, taillights, blinkers or fuel tank level indicator. Fuel tank has not given correct readings for a while so maybe???

any thoughts would be appreciated, and a side note Glenn dorning tractor has been wonderful giving me ideas too. thanks all!!!

Dubs My BX2200 started doing the same thing today. Did you get yours figured out?
Chad John, let me just say that you are my hero. I had the same issue and disconnected the plug behind the seat and I stopped blowing fuses. I was about ready to drag my tractor on a trailer to bring it to the dealer. FWIW, my fuel tank level indicator also doesn't work well.

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