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Air in Hydraulic line (alot). How do you bleed it out

t morgan How can you bleed out the air from hydraulic line on L275? It wont lift front end loader or Brush hog
Larry Caldwell Are you sure you have diagnosed the problem?
Air might make things squishy, but everything
should work. To bleed a system you just run the
hydraulics through their paces and maybe loosen
a fitting for a really stubborn bubble.

Your problem sounds like no pressure. This could
Be a bypass valve stuck open, no fluid, bad pump,
or bad control valve. Check the fluid level and
pressure to the spool.

jm. Larry is right your problem is not air. If things are right three cycles up and down and your air would be gone. You have a relief valve stuck open OR packing gone on a cylinder and everything is bypassing.. I am betting a stuck relief or some times the rear 3 point lift lever can get jamed up in the top so far it will drop all your preasure.. Get on the tractor and let the lever to your right ( lift lever down) Tick us back and tell me things are ok.
TMorgan This is my first tractor so I don't know alot except to ask smart people that have been around them longer than me! I don't have Hydraulic fluid come out of the pump when I open it on the R side of the engine. I see small bubbles of fluid come out but no steady stream of fluid. I was told to open a spring load bolt on th driver L side and hydraulic fluid comes out with force there. I had recently replaced a line as it had a leak and it was after that that I had the trouble start. Any suggestions now?
Larry Caldwell I'm not familiar with your model, so can't talk about specific points. Troubleshooting a hydraulic circuit is just like troubleshooting an electrical circuit. You trace it down until you find where you have no juice. A pressure gauge and a handfull of fittings will double as a voltmeter. You know the pump is pumping. Is pressure getting to the spool? If not, it's the bypass valve. Since both front and rear hydraulics are out, that's my guess. You may have gotten some crud in the system when you replaced the line.
Ed Benton I have a l3650 with a front end loader. I just hooked up the loader and it will not operate. The rear lift is working good but the loader bucket will only move an inch or so.
Mckenna I blow a line on my 685 case and I'm not sure how to bleed the hydraulics
strickland slow hyd slow-slow

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