John Deere Serial Number Help

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John Deere Serial Number Help

jay gudajtes I am trying to find out what serial number was used on the first 110, what year it was produced and so on, I am trying to figure out what year my 110 is it is serial number 10866, I know this is a early machine but would like to find out more about it.

Dale Schluter I have a 1955 John Deere 60 and its serial number is: 6053397. I would like to know where it was manufactured and which dealer it was shipped to and the date it was shipped. Are you able to help me with this question?? Thank you for your help. Dale Schluter

jacob linhardt i would like to know where the serial number is located on my 110 it has the round fenders and a kohler engine
Jeremy L Taylor Im tring to find out what model and year my JD garden tractor is the number as it is on the tag is C200D 033398M. Hope you can help.
Rick Howell I Have Serial # for John Deere Tiller but need model # and parts list for serial # F035J 420012M
dona shipman what year is 110 john deere #SNT1031059641M
tom sommer I am looking at a jd 4020 with powershift trans. The serial numer is 21T74573 I wolud like to know the year of this tractor
bob dale I own a john deere tractor and would like to find out actually what model it is, I am told that the 710 painted on the side is incorrect.
the serial number is M53LA 017970CD
could anyone tell me what the model of the tractor is?

justin armitage jd 750 drill serial number 12520. Can you tell me what year
Nancy Morlock I am trying to find out the year of a 8820 combine with serial number HO 8820x611565
Ryan blake I'm trying to find a service manuel for my tractor number
A 33868 it's a 110 John Deere lawn mower thanks Ryan

Geana Gaasch I am looking at a jd 4010. The serial number is 12T96340, what year is this tractor?
Robert Mcleod looking for service manual for a john deer tractor all I have is the serial number *pe4045t600095 and

brendan turner I have a JD lx188 lawn tractor and i want to find out what year model it is. The ID number is*MOL188X070952* any help with this will be appreciated. Thanks
Stan I just bought a 2001 JD 6605 tractor and can't seem to locate the serial number?? I can find the engine serial number, no problem, but the tractor number escapes me. Where is it located and thanks for any assistance.
Douglas Westerberg I have a John Deere model 820 serial number 820-4347 which I believe was built in 1958. My question is, what was the serial number of the last 820 built?



ed i have a john deere 110 serial no 163233 what year would it be
L M Bogue I recently purchased a John Deere Industrial 300B and cannot find the serial number for the tractor. Any suggestions? Thanks.
j w parsons what year is a john deere 7700 combine with serial number 4509.

Jim Worth I am trying to find out the year of my John Deere Model A. I believe it to be early 40's. On the tag I can read MODEL A TRACTOR, SERIAL NO. (CANT READ THE NUMBER), AND PATENT APPLIED FOR. Under the seat is a brass tag with the number PL71197. Also in the casting over the dash board is cast A2622F JD.
Can these numbers help ID the year?

Marcus LeBlanc We'er working on a John Deere. We are pretty sure it's a 4020 But is there a way I can be sure? My Seria Number is SNT213R091721R . Any help on this subject would be a great help. Again thanks for any help !!!!!

Marcus Leblanc,

Albert Holder I have an old iron wheel John Deere B ser #33030 can you tell me when it was made. Thanks Albert
Greg I have an LX 277 AWS, with the serial # MOL277D013378, what year is it?
cavin Ihave a 110 jd serial #7960 what year is it
danny cameron i got a johndeere farm tracter and i dont know what it is the s/n is42072 can you help ?
Randy What year is my 4020 john deere thanks.
Don Is there any other way to indentify the year of a john deere B other than the serial number. can anyone help?
Eddie J Holcomb I am trying to find out the year model of this tractor John Deer 850 serial # CH304D218636 please help
craig schopp have john deere 790 serial number LV790G295982 could you tell me the year
Harley Alley Go to It is a very helpful website but some tomes does not include the Serial number helpful non-the-less.
Harley Alley Production:
Manufacturer: John Deere
Factory: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Total built: 57,300
Original price (USD):$2500 (1956)
Five variants of the John Deere model 60 were made. The basic 60, the standard 60S, the high-seat standard 60S6 (in 1955 and 1956 only), the orchard model 60-O, and the high-crop 60H with 32-inch clearance. I wish I could help with the rest.

Re: John Deere Serial Number Help

Trying to find the year and general information out about this wheel loader. Serial #b5126380. Can you help me out? Thanks

mike i have a 850 john deere tractor and i am looking for engine parts like rods and bearings. the only # i have from the egine are ser.#ch3043d210309 and model# 3T80J . it also has a yanmar engine with the #850508 stamped on the block .can anyone tell me where i can find parts?
David Morgan What year model is a John Deere crawler-dozer, Serial # T0700HX925852


Garoyl Humphrey T 2311 Ser# 007153M Believe it's a 110 model,what year? Thank you!
Rick LV0790G296059 Serial Number
Stock Number 10003387
What year is this Tractor

Julio I need to know where to find the serial number of a Deer 750C (engine 13 digits) & machine
Thanks so much

dave schuver model 40 u serial#61766 would like to know where it was originally shipped to and date i think it was western new york state thank you
Tyler Stauffeneker I am trying to figure out the year of my JD with product ID number LV4300s437267. Thanks for your help.
Andy Just bought a 60 john deere with no tag on it. does anyone know if they stamped the serial number on the frame or somewhere on the tractor also, and if so where to look for it.
john kras I have a JD seial number. How do I find out what year and model it is?
jeff mcrae what year model is this lo6415d455542 thanks for any help
Doc Oliver I bought a 15' J. D. 1530 no till drill and serial number has been removed. Is it stamped any where on the machine.
Glenn Brown have model# and serial# and type# want to find out year and engine size. Hop someone can help me.
Jenne Schlaffman I have a Low down Spreader with a serial number on a small metal tag nailed on the wood up front nad would like to know what year is was built and what color is used to be. Number is D 60064 Thanks !!!
Dave JD 6600 combine with serial number 185429-----what year is it? thanks
Ryan I have a styled John Deere B from the late 40's or early 50's. The serial number has been scratched off and I want to know what year it is. The number under the clutch is B 2480 R.


don I have a garden tractor serial number c300e064171m can you tell me the year it was made
Brian Stull need to know what size tractor this is.
No model number on tractor.

Ron Wecker Our john deere B has serial number 360310 Need help as when it was made. thanks much Ron
JOHN HELLER what year is my dozer vin# 355603T
jimmy trying to find what year my tractor is JOHN DEERE
type 1120
code T4HBH
SERIAL 014816L

gatickman what is john Deere serial nu. A28469
herbkelley I am looking for some help on my serial number M00180B022020 any help would great

Dan Burrack I have the serial #451110 for a 4420 John Deere combine. Am trying to figure out what year it was made. Thanks for any information you can provide.
gesson what year is my john deere LV0790G400854
Jack Hawkins I am looking for the model number of my 48 inch rotary tiller, PTO driven. The serial number is: M02902X525420.

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