John Deere 345 Hood cracking

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John Deere 345 Hood cracking

Ron Delaney I have a 4 yr. old 345 in emmaculate condition and for no apparent reason while raising the hood to check the oil, the hood cracked down the center for about 12" or more. Unbelieveable, all JD can say it is 4 yrs old out of warranty. There is such a thing as a "known product problem" "customer satisfaction", "goodwill adjustment etc." JD dealer robbed me on the cost, $238.00 for the top shell to include premium shipping and the decals. Anyone have any suggestions or comments what I should do.

Thanks for any information that you can give.

bontai Joe There could have been several reasons for the failure of your hood. One extreme is that it is a faulty product that just managed to hold together for 4 years before cracking. The opposite extreme is that a teenager sits on your tractor's hood every time he/she is near it, prestressing it until it finally cracks the day you raise it. To hire a lawyer and sue will cost more than the hood did. I guess what I'm saying is that since you want to maintain the nice appearance of your tractor (and most of us do also) then a new hood isn't so bad after 4 years of use. I'm sure it looks better than some of the duct tape jobs I have seen over the years. The one place you could have saved some money would have been to allow the hood to be delivered to your dealer with his regular stock replenishment order, instead of having the truck deliver it special. When I do that at my dealer, there is no shipping as the truck was coming anyway.
KW That's interesting. Just today I picked up my sisters JD 345 to clean and service it. I am not sure of the age, but it has 330 hours. The hood is cracked from the place where you take hold to open it, down the center at leasr 12". Before I spend 238. bucks, I may try attaching a aluminum plate on the under side with chrome bolts or pop rivets. Any other known fix's out there?
RDelaney Sounds like you have exactly the same issue that I had with my JD 345. Mine cracked in exactly the same place. JD is not interested and did nothing about mine. I would think that the aluminum plate with chrome screws would solve the problem for you the next time, however who wants screws going thru the outside of the hood? Obviously JD has a quality issue on the plastic hoods. They are expensive also. Let me know what you end up doing. Thanks for the reply.

Steve I have one that is 4 years old and hasn't cracked yet. I have always been careful because it looks flimsy. Sorry for your misfortune, but maybe you get some peace of mind knowing you helped me. I'll be extra careful flipping it up and down now.

Just for more info, I leave mine out in the North Carolina sun year round, uncovered, and have only waxed it maybe twice in the last four years. The hood has held up ok, but not the seat. A new seat costs $200, so I'd recommend buying the seat cover for $25. It also has a pouch on the back, so you could carry stuff in it, like trash, or beverages.

Dave This is incredible, this same thing just happened to me. I was changing oil and doing other mid-summer maintenance when my hood cracked while I was trying to open it. I used some super glue to try to hold it together, but it looks terrible.
Ron It will cost you well over $200.00 to replace that hood by the time you purchase the new decals. I like the performance of the JD but I can assure JD that the next time I buy I will very seriously consider a Cub Cadet. Has anyone got any information on a comparable Cub Cadet. I have owned 5 JD up until now, but this 345 will more than likely be my last one.

Appreciate hearing from others and also comments about Cub Cadet.


Keith I bought the best plastic adhesive I could find. I had some rigid plastic extrusion that was "T" shape, about 3/4" on each leg of the "T". I cut the extrusion into 3" long pieces since I couldn't bend it to follow the crack. I bonded the extrusion pieces along the crack on the underside of the crack. From the outside you can see a hairline crack if you look for it. The underside is not to pretty. That was better than the 150 bucks JD wants for a new one.
Steve Mine has a black piece of plastic just underneath the hood when you lift it up that reinforces it. It's a 2001 model. I was wondering if there might have been later models without this reinforemce piece. Does yours have it?
Ron Mine also has the black plastic but that is not really a re-enforcment but rather just a space filler for looks only, if you will look closely, it is only a thin piece of plastic and fits loosely. If it were rigid or thicker or both that would re-enforce it but that is not the case. Bottom line, it is poor design by JD and they could care less after it is out of warranty obviously. Otherwise 345 is good piece of equipment. As much as they cost, JD should stand behind obvious or known product defects. That is the reason I will consider a Cub Cadet in the future.

Good to hear from you.

Keith The 345 I repaired belonged to a family member. Since my original posting, it has been sold in an estate auction. I do not recall a reinforcment being there. I believe it was older than 2001. It was a liquid cooled 18 hp with power steering and hyd lift. The tractor had 330 hours. It sold for $2600. including mower deck, wheel weights, tire chains, and a snow-blower that had been used a very few times one year. The guy got a deal.

Steve Guess what. Mine cracked too now. And I was being as careful as possible. So being careful is not the answer either.

Maybe they should go back to making them out of metal. It couldn't cost that much more in the overall scheme of things, considering how much they cost anyway.

I was a JD fan in the beginning, but now I'd reccomend buying the (I call them disposable, kind of like a Kia) ones at Home Depot, and just throwing them away when they wear out. You'd go through three disposables, and still have paid less than for one JD. Also, it doesn't cost $500 to repair them with just 200 hours on them. The added benefit would be that my wife could cut at the same time. Two operators & two machines = less time to mow.

Ron Delaney It is ridiculous, I went the whole route all the way to what I think was the top at John Deere customer assitance...NO HELP..YOU ARE OUT OF WARRANTY. I guess they never heard of out of warranty goodwill for a known product problem which they have. In fact my daugher bought a house and needed a lawn tractor. I recommened and she bought a Cub Cadet. I am sure you know what I will buy next time. John Deere obviously does not care about customer satisfaction. Sell them for thousands of dollars and forget the customer. The 345 I have now, is my 5th John Deere, but my last I am sure. Let me know if you get any help or even if JD is concerned.

Appreciate the note.

TED Is rthis really a forum about the hood problem, or a commercial for cub cadet. My hood is cracked and I am looking for an after market hood to fit. Any suggestions? I t doeas not have to be green. When I do sell this tractor I will upgrade to a Hustler. Trust me Cub cadet can't or john deere for that matter compare. Think after market and get back to me.
Ron Delaney NO, it was not a commercial for Cub Cadet, I have never owned one. The plastic hood on John Deere is a joke for sure and very expensive. Were you creating a commercial for Hustler? I have never heard of a lawnmower called Hustler. Good luck on the hood.
Ted O. K. We are even about the commercials. Where can we find an after market hood? There has got to be someone who sells something to fit our lawn mower.
Ted Bought the Hustler lawn mower. Anyone want to buy a John Deere? I welded the hood together hopefully someone won't care. I talked to John deere about the hood and they said they have no improvements for it.
Donald Wildenmann I got one with the hood all cracked too.
I've never been able to get John Deere to replace the hood.I will never buy a John deere again!!!!

Laura Another cracked hood!!! My hood has had a crack in it for two years. So I have always been very careful when opening the hood. But yesterday a friend went to lift the hood to get the numbers needed for the yearly oil change & etc. In the process a big triangle piece of the hood just broke off in his hand!!! How upsetting!! Itis so discouraging to know that John Deere is well aware that these hoods are made so flimsy and that they do not acknowledge their faulty product!
Duane I have a 345; daughter ran into something and cracked the hood; sunlight did the rest. Do not waste your $ on a new hood its just going to crack again with UV deterioration. I stitched the hood by drilling holes on either side of the cracks and installed small electrical plastic ties; works well and does not look too bad (Dr. Frankenstein would be proud).
Barb I have a 355D with a twelve inch crack in the middle starting where one lifts the hood. Take a sheet of plexiglass (it's the stuff jets use for a canopy) "Slowly" Cut with a jigsaw to desired size. Cut too fast and it melts and bonds back after the blade goes through. Careful about lapping too far down the sides.

Lift your hood up. Disconnect electrical wiring to headlights. Standing in front of the tractor pull as you rock the hood. It will slip off the hinges into your hands. Lay it down, upside down. Lightly sand around the area where the crack is.

Heat the plexiglass until it shapes easily. No open flame as it will burn. While wearing gloves, drop it into the hood and gently press it down so it molds to fit the shape of the hood where the crack is. Making sure it doesn't move, give it time to cool in place. Remove it, lightly sand and spread epoxy on the side that goes against the John Deere hood.

Quickly because your epoxy will harden quickly.

Press and hold it in place. Or better yet, sandbag it in place. Go bake a cake, fishing, or a night out but leave it alone for twenty four hours.

Put it back on the mower and tell John Deere to kiss your grits because you ain't buying another cheap plastic hood for a ten thousand dollar mower.

Al. Jordan I also have a JD 345 with a hand size piece broke out of the hood at the hand lift area. I made it ugly, I put it back in place with duct tape. That beats the price of a new one, until I figure out a better way to put it back in place so it will hold.
Thanks for the info on so many hoods cracking and brreaking. I'll be looking for solutions.


tom I took my cracked hood and tossed it in the barn, been going "comando" ever since. Runs cooler without their expensive green hood. I'm not paying $230 for a new one.
monsager I don't know what these people are crying about I have had a Jojn deere 345 for 10 years now and sat out constantly winter and summer finaly broke my hood i dropped a fence post on it

need to take care of your equiptment will by the hood when I can afford it

Chad I have a 1997 JD 345. I also finally cracked the hood this year. Im not sure why it never cracked before this. I keep it waxed and in the garage. I took JB Weld and smeared it all over the crack on the bottom side and closed the hood, then pulled the crack together nicely with packaging tape to hold it while it dried. It looks OK now, but you can see the hairline crack.
Instead of opening the hood from the middle pull spot, just grab it on both sides through the top vent and pull up. This should keep the rest of you from busting yours too!

Steve When my hood cracked I put a piece of 6 " wide metallic tape on the underside of the hood and it has served me well for about 3 years. Now if I can just get it running again. I think it's the electrical board. It will start but shuts off after about 5 mins.
Drew I have a 345 and I have a crack in my hood as well. I also have my front bumper cracked and one of the side front pieces after literally bumping up against my mailbox. I asked the dealer and they said it had to be me, had never seen that before, etc. I then asked the mechanic in the back and he told me that it happens all the time, he cracks them when using the air hose.
Went to a different dealer and bought a 2305, wow what a difference.

David I have a 2002 355D with a shattered hood from brushing against a tree limb. I've been looking online but see that the "top" and "side" hoods sell separately. I don't even see on mine where they would separate. I was very interested in Tom's comment about running the mower without a hood at all. I could care less about the appearance as long as it does the job. Does anyone know if running the mower without a hood can result in any kind of engine damage? Also, I like to use my mower after dark and the headlamps are built into the hood. Why on earth plastic hoods??
David I found where the side hoods and top hood separate. Thankfully I only need a new top hood, which will cost $180.
Steve Will cost $180 for the top half? Why the heck are they not made out of stainless steel then.

lol @ JD.

will Join the group!!!!!
I have 3 John Deere mowers at this time. I have a 36 hp tractor and every piece has now cracked.
The cowl has cracked, the hood is cracked, and the grill is cracked out. Not just where the screws or bolts are but random areas as well. It is a 2000 model that is garage kept and cleaned after each use. According to the dealer this just
happens over time.The fact of the matter is that after 2 years the plastic is so brittle that it stress cracks at any contact point.John Deere knows this is a problem....That is why they have
all of these parts in stock at all times.But, go to the dealer and try to buy a belt for the deck
Chances are they do not have it.Don't buy JD if you don't have too....They do not care !!!!!!!!!!!!

Norm G I just bought a used (2004)345 , no cracked hood.

Think I'll reinforce it before it breaks.

Probably use alumium or SS with SS hardware.

Thanks guys for the tips.

Texasnorm, living in Indiana now.

Scott I've had my 345 since March of 95, It only has 550 hrs on it today. And yes my hood cracked about a year ago. You just need to be a little careful whem you lift the hood. I have a new hood still in the box in my back bedroom for it.
I have the 18hp watercooled engine and never even added any coolant and just now changed the spark plugs. 15 years If your hood cracks just go and buy a new one for it and start being alittle careful. I put the 519 bagging cart behind mine about 3 years ago. Now that will clean the yard up nice. Now my newest mower is a Kubota ZD323 Zero-turn with a 60" cut. Now that MF will cut some grass ! But I still like my 345

rober tmercer It is not just the 345 hood cracking. I own two large 4500 series tractors and on both of them the hood has cracked right down the missle like an egg. I am through with John Deere until they solve this problem. Who Wants to buy expensive equipment $20,000 plus equipment that is guranteed to fall apart?
Dave Keener Well, mine cracked too while opening it. A huge triangular piece ended up in mind hand while my jaw dropped open. I was pulling at the place where one is supposed to open it.

Initially I thought I had done something wrong, but after reading this forum, I realize it was not me - just a crappy design / material used for the hood.

I bought the top piece and new decals and replaced it.

Now I open the hood by slightly pulling outward on each side cowling, then lifting up.

With all the posts on this forum, one would think John Deere would take notice and do something about their design.

Fred I own a 1999 JD 345. Last week...07/16/2010 the hood cracked in two places. I ordered a new complete hood..2 pieces @ $335.10 with free shipping. I went to my infamous highly expensive JD dealer and ordered me a "grab handle" that fits on a JD X540 tractor. I measured for the handle holes 4" from the rear of the hood at center. I had a section of sheet metal size 6" x 12 and cut to fit so it will go under the hood where the grab handle will be bolted to. This reinforces the structure of the hood, and the handle is great for opening and closing the hood.
Nona Kyle I have had John Deere riding mowers spanning 50 years. All have yellow plastic (vinyl??) seats. Two are less than five year never abused. All have had cracked seats. My Honda riding mower is over 20 years old--no cracked seat. Because I do not mow lawn in the nude, I do not accept the explanation that the crack is due to body sweat. Also,I do not weigh 300 pounds. Putting a seat cover on the cracked seat is like putting deodorant on a stinky armpit. It does not cure the problem. SO please, John Deere, fix it. I also know another half dozen people with relatively new John Deere mowers. All have had to duct tape the seats.
Jim I was trying to find info about fixing a couple of hoods for a friend.

I have NEVER seen such a crappy design for a hood for a Garden Tractor. A craftsman has a better hood!

RE Cub Cadets, if you like MTD, they are good for about 10 years. IF you want a real mower, you need to either get something like a Simplicity, Toro, or another commercial mower.

Plastic hood on a Lawn mower or Garden Tractor is really a joke. Kids drive these and trees are HARD! HAH

I have a 1975 1450 Cub Cadet (among other things) and IF the metal hood ever breaks, it can be welded.

I agree the Deere is a nice mower, but Deere is really an appearance company, not functionality. The hoods new look great, very nice looking. all it would take is a fiberglass backing or another type of substrate material, and best of both worlds.

I wonder if applying Rhino Liner to the underside of the hood would strengthen it? wouldn't help broken ones (I have one with a triangle chunk missing, another somebody rolled and really "potato chipped" it. (that is what some of the randomly fractured pieces look like.

BTW- The reason I am posting is does anyone have parts hoods for sale in Illinois? I need to piece together a 225 and a 275 hood for a friend.

Larry My hood cracked, too. I fixed it and it's working fine. I bought a Bondo Fiberglass Repair Kit at an auto parts store. I took off the hood shell, turned it upside down, sanded it a little and applied a layer of fiberglass about 6 inches wide all along the crack. Then I cut a strip of thin aluminum sheet about 3 inches wide and used the Bondo epoxy to glue it on top of the fiberglass. While the epoxy was still wet I laid another layer of fiberglass over the aluminum.
Does anybody know what plastic the hood is made of?????

Tom The best fix or prevention that I have found is to build up the backside (underneath) with some fiberglass resin and fiberglass matting. Costs about $10-$15 at auto parts houses. Also, remove the side latches that hold the hood closed... you don't need them anyway. They only add to the stress of opening the hood.
RDelaney I previously posted on this side about the hood on my 345 and how inferior it was. My JD 345 is 11 years old, I have replaced the top section of the hood at least 4 times. Now the bottom part of the hood is cracked and broken on one side where the top hood bolts to the bottom hood. There is no way this should happen, it is poor quality, poor design or both. JD could care less, guess they never read this forum. By the way my son has convinced me to shop the internet before I buy anything. Example memory card for my casio camera 4gb was $32.00 at local camera shop. On the internet I found the same item for $4.99 plus shipping $6.95 which is too much but for $12.00 I got the same item as I could have bought locally and did not have to pay 9/25% tax either. As to JD parts, I found this site and their price for the new hood was $169.00 plus $20.00 shipping and no tax. The decals were $10.00 per pair. So for $199.00 I got the hood, and decals and the price of the hood only in my town at the local JD dealer was $237.00 plus the decals plus tax. Go into Google and type in Bombergers. Their prices on all JD parts are much less than purchsing locally.
Travis id buy another 345 in a heartbeat. Mine has 2,475 hours and still runs great. Sure I've had to replace parts...but it is a fantastic tractor. My tractor is a 1996 and the hood cracked just this year 2010. Not bad.
Good luck with the cub cadet they have plastic hoods too :-)

Jim At one time every piece of power equipment I owned had the John Deere name on it. I maintain 6 acres with a 650 (over 800 hrs purchased around 1982 GREAT TRACTOR), a 55V saw (Echo but JD put their name on it so I knew it would be GREAT), leaf blower (also Echo also GREAT) and a LX 176. The LX has been mechanically sound but as other have noted the hood has been pure JUNK. Had I cheaped out I would have expected what I got but we paid around $3200 in the 90's and the love affair with JD ended soon after. Not long after the warranty expired I attempted to check the oil and hood fell off. After that things got worse.

At one time having JD equipment was a status symbol but now it's an embarrassment for people to know how I was fooled into buying a plastic lawn mower for JD prices. Now days they build a green and yellow Murray which was originally sold by Home Depot and Lowes. Now your local JD dealer is able to sell you the same piece of junk? An icon of American equipment throwing away their reputation to compete with throw away equipment? Go figure???

I purchased a Husqvarna chain saw and will more than likely replace my plastic deere with one of their steel lawn tractors.

Mark M. I pull garden tractors , i'm wanting to use a JD hood on my puller and it is also plastic . Because of the viberation ,i'm sure it will crack . Does anyone know if a person could put a couple layers of fiberglass on the inside to keep it from cracking ? It will be mounted on a cub tractor , and a lot of work will go in to the hood & console to make it look good , but dont need to work on the hood every time after a pull , have to much other things to work on between pulls with out the hood giving me problems. Thanks in advance for any sugestions
dale blakemore I have used 345s for a good number of years. I take care of a cemetery & use nothing but John deeres. I usely put around 1200 t0 1500 hrs on these tractors. I have never had any problem with the hood cracking.One thing you can try is to grasp the hood on both sides if it seems hard to open. John deere should stand behind their hood at any case.
Kelly Williams I recently purchased a John Deere X500 Garden Tractor. This is my first Deere and I have no complaints so far. When I was shopping around for a new tractor, I was shocked that John Deere had a "plastic" hood. Despite this concern, I bought the tractor anyhow. But it still puzzles me that John Deere does this. I expect it from tractors in department stores, but a John Deere? Not only should it have a steel hood, it should be just a little thicker steel than the rest because.....well because its a JOHN DEERE. Does anyone know when Deere started using plastic? I love my tractor so far.......but I must say I am disappointed in the plastic parts.
james my hood did the exaxt thing
Mark Carswell Dealer did not remove shipping lock tabs before delivery. Happens all the time.
c2oncpr We can complain about the design all day long, it won't make any difference. JD isn't listening, or doesn't care. My 345 is 10 years old, hood broke twice, currently running redneck, no hood. I'm advertising for JD. JD has been aware of this problem for at least as long as my mower is old and has yet to take positive action. The reason I say this, when I brought my 345 in for service the second season, the tech opened the hood by grabbing it low on both sides, not by the handle as it was designed. So their solution to the problem was to charge high $$$ for the parts they designed to fail. It's a cash cow for them, don't expect them to change now!

IMO, this is a perfect situation for a class action suit.

Barry Same story. Mine has been cracked for 5 or 6 years and JD only wants to sell me a new one. NOT!!!
Roy Stewart My JD 345 cracked and I used the "drill and stich" fix with soft rebar tie wire. It lasted one season and then began cracking in a lot of different areas. I took the entire hood assembly off and have been running it "Commando" I am currently shopping on Craigslist for an older hood that is made from better materials. I have located a metal one that I am sure I can fab some new brackets for. I may attach some expanded metal to the sides to promote better cooling. Good luck to all of you who are dealing with this problem. I had a lot of respect for John Deere products until this happened! If someone wanted to make some money he could design and build a similar hood out of metal or fiberglass and sell it for les that original JD parts. Looks like there are plenty of people in the market for this hood. I understand that other JD models use the same parts.
Greg Whorton Mine started cracking down toward the headlights first, put some epoxy and screen wire underneath and has held up pretty well until yesterday when I grabbed the hood top middle as recommended and tore a 12" triangle out of the hood. Very poor design, I have about 400 hours on this 355D.
J. T. The design of the 2000 4500 J.D. is lacking. The loader control lever was short and under your left leg. I wrote JD and told them to extend the lever which I did on the one I have. I noticed that JD did just that but never showed me the consideration of even a letter. The next thing was while lifting the hood to service the engine it cracked. Now the grill is breaking apart. I fiberglassed the under side of the hood and now it is ugly and weighs a ton. My next purchase will be a tractor that is not covered in plastic. Once proude of JD now not so much.
J. T. The design of the 2000 4500 J.D. is lacking. The loader control lever was short and under your Rt. leg. I wrote JD and told them to extend the lever which I did on the one I have. I noticed that JD did just that but never showed me the consideration of even a letter. The next thing was while lifting the hood to service the engine it cracked. Now the grill is breaking apart. I fiberglassed the under side of the hood and now it is ugly and weighs a ton. My next purchase will be a tractor that is not covered in plastic. Once proude of JD now not so much.
S. J. Have gone through two hoods on my JD. Maybe 10 years ago plastic was stronger so it lasted longer. For sure the current plastic hoods are pieces of crap. I had so much duct tape on the last one, the color wasn't even visible. My son posted a picture of it on Facebook. This is my second JD rider, and it has been trouble since day one. Belts keep breaking, parts wear out and need to be replaced. My husband fixes the darn thing for something or other every time I cut the grass. I'm cutting the grass with no hood -- thank goodness for my Bose headphones so I can listen to my Ipod. The first JD rider burnt to a crisp after two years because of faulty something or other. JD said, "tough,out of warranty." Does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable riding mower (not zero turn) 42" cut? I don't want to make the third mistake with another John Deere.
SS I also had a huge crack down the middle of my JD345 and I fixed it with Automotive Bondo. That fix has lasted, but I recently went to put a charger on the battery and now both sides of the lower part has broken off by the hinges. I just wonder how much you have to spend on a JD to avoid getting a low quality piece of crap. I originally bought one of the John Deere's from Lowe's thinking it must be quality if it's a JD. After warranty was up, the transmission went out. So I upgraded to the I thought. I love the tractor except the flimsy hood. I too think I'm going to go commando and remove the hood because I refuse to spend anymore money on another defective hood. I think I'll take a picture and send it to my dealer!!
Ken I work at a John Deere dealer. It is a plastic hood so time and temperature will affect plastic. Exposure to the sun is the worst thing for these plastic parts. If you leave your mower outside where the rain and moring dew can land on your mower you can expect your mower to rust faster than if you kept it under cover. The simple fact that your mower is touching the ground and the moisture is enveloping your mower will cause it to rust much faster. I recommend you keep the unit under cover when not in use. The answer to making repairs to these cracking issues is fiberglass repair. I will shortly be addressing these issues with videos to show you how to repair your cracked and broken bits. I will make some videos of how to make repairs and post them to youtube.
mark I have a john deere 345 my second hood is busted all up iam 58 years old an take care of my stuff i love the mower but hate the cheep hood that john deere but on that mower an of coarse we the customers eat there mistake of a cheep hood but buy one you thank is was gold!

Don R Hall JD lx 255 - love the mower except for the plastic body parts. Looking at Gravely zero turn , now !
H.J. I have to agree with J.T. All the plastic parts are breaking, grill, side panels, hood, etc. Will never purchase another JD tractor or mower again.

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