Snowblower attachment for the L130

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Snowblower attachment for the L130

dan_ny Hey guys,

I am interested in buying the 42" snow thrower attachment for my JD L130 riding mower. Is this something the mower can handle or is it too much stress on the machine? Would this be a waste of money? I live in Central NY, received about 8ft of snow in 24 hours last year, and my 5HP snowblower barely made it. Where could I get the attachment the cheapest? Thanks!

bontai Joe You certainly will have enough horsepower. I'd add wheel weights AND chains to maximize traction, because this tractor is not real heavy over the rear wheels. When doing any kind of snow removal, traction is your friend! Also keep in mind that bashing your tractor hard into snow drifts and the big pile at the end of the driveway will put extra stress on the tranny. So go slow and easy on the accelleration and decelleration and let the blower do the work. As to getting the blower cheaper, you might check for a local Bercomac distributer. I'm 99% sure that they build the blowers for the Deere "L" series, and you might save a few bucks getting it through Bercomac.
Craig Just out of curiosity, how much horsepower is that machine? I as the guy above said, and i talked to john deere reps. as long as you're careful and slow, it should be fine, the only thing i would worry about is.... these tractors are not made for constant exposure to weather, like cars are. So the water from the snow could eventuall rust parts of the tracotor, the blower, and frame. Also, salt will rust these tractors in a second, so if you have to manuver your tractor by the road, where there could be road salt, do so first, then plow the rest of your driveway, which will let clean snow all over your tractor, and get rid of the salt by the time you are done. Is it a waste of money? i dont think so, it saves walking behind the blower, only thing is, you're gonna have to be careful with the tractor. Good luck, let me know what the horse power is on that.
bontai Joe Deere lists the L130 on their website as having 23 HP
dan_ny I gave in and bought the attachment after hurting my back 2 weeks ago. I believe my JD says 23HP on the dashboard. I am not too worried about salt, but I do like your thinking so will definitely try to get to the end first. I also took the JD apart at the end of this past summer and waxed almost every part (I love detailing cars), so I am hoping that will add some more protection too.
dixon,ad Seriously considering the smowblower attachment for my 130...blacktopped driveway that's all uphill...please keep me up to date on the performance of the attachment and if you feel it works just as good if not better than a walk behind snowblower.
According to JD, this unit is new for the L130.

Rod Reitz Need manual to attach to tracter thanks.
Bill Devine I have a snow blower attachment for my L130.
I have 350' paved driveway and much snow in MA.
It is great going down hill but I wouldn't plow up hill, too much stress on the transmission.
It does a great job, I have had to replace the bar on the bottom once and the two side metal pieces(every year). I have owned it for 6 years.
I also have 5hp snowblower when things don't go smoothly.

tammi balfe I have had one on my L130 for 3 years now, didn't use it much, but ruined the transmission on my tractor. Every winter it would not run the last few months and had to put new drive belt and fans on transmission every year, alot of work! Do not do it!

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