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jd 2020 making oil

mep i'm at my wits end. my 2020 started 'making oil' i started with draining and pressurizing the coolant system and determined it was diesel not coolant. all components of the fuel system have been renewed. new transfer pump, rebuilt injection pump, all 'new' injectors. i almost threw up when i went to service the tractor after5 hours mowing hay and discovered the oil production continues. how should i proceed?
thepumpguysc Hydrolic oil...???
Better get an oil sample done rather than replacing components..

mep maybe i'm missing something but where would hydraulic oil come from in the crankcase with a dry clutch cavity between the engine and transmission?
thepumpguysc thought it might have had a wet clutch.
tomboy Are you getting the same amount as before? if so, mabe you messed up the pump drive shaft seal putting the pump on. If its just a little over when you check it, if the engine has lots of hours, it could be unburnt fuel going past the rings.
mep i never removed the input shaft from the pump from the pump shop. i do have some suspicion of the injector pump since this is the second from this shop (the first locked up). this gain on the stick is nearly an inch after 5 hours running the haybine. i checked it the next day before finishing. could that much be unburnt fuel? if the rings were that poor shouldn't the machine smoke?
tomboy It may or may not, had a massey in the shop early spring getting fuel in the oil, pump was turned up, no blue stacking, but kept making oil. Unk backed the pump off some and it quit.
Leonard You can usually tell if it is diesel just by smelling it on the dip stick. If it is for sure diesel fuel, then you are most likely getting the fuel either past the injection pump seals or the transfer pump is leaking into the crankcase. You wont be getting that much fuel past the piston rings or the engine wouldn't run. You can't have that kind of blow by and still run on any diesel. Even if you had a bad injector tip and it was pouring fuel into the cylinder it wouldn't add that much fuel. In that case it would most likely be knocking because of it being on top of the piston.
Even if you have replaced the transfer pump, it could still be the problem. I have put these on, new, right out of the box and be bad.

mep are there only off engine test for the transfer pump?
mep are there any off engine tests for the transfer pump?
Leonard You can remove the transfer pump and plug the output port or fitting and then manually work the lever. If it is leaking to the inside you will see fuel squirting in and around the lever.
mep ok one more question for leonard. as far as i know the hydraulic system doesn't go anywhere near the engine. the 2020 has a dry clutch. is that correct?
Dale G. Basgall mep; it appears the early 2020'shad a power steering pump like on the early dozers. When the seal goes out it pumps hydraulic oil into the engine oil and the cranckase fills up. Does yours have an early style pump?

You need you 13 digit PIN on that one.

mep i want to thank everyone for their input. i only wish i would have taken a few minutes to 'pick the brain' of this wealth of knowledge before i dove into the fuel system. the oil never smelled of fuel but i had recently installed a clutch and done transmission work and there was no way for hydro oil to get in on that end. i am moving to the front of the engine now to remove the ps pump.thank you gain all. mep
Dale G. Basgall mep just look at all the mechanics willing to assist just for helping out someone. You have learned the fuel system like you had gone to a seminar.

I hope you get the tractor up and running and let us know what you have found.

Bobby I owned a 2030, and I keep thinking that tractor had a small transmission/engine oil cooler in front of the radiator. I maybe wrong, but if the cooler does exist, that could be a possible contamination point...Just thinking...
Dale G. Basgall Bobby that 2030 had a transmission/hydraulic oil coller on the front and the engine oil cooler was just under the engine oil filter, it actually becomes the base where the engine oil filter screws on.

Usually the hydraulic/transmission oil cooler is air cooled and the engine oil cooler is water cooled. Anyway just to carify.

Bob Mercer The early John Deere 2020 and 400 with the "open center" steering have a history of transferring oil into the engine crankcase through the power steering pump. One can discern that the machine is equipped with open center steering by the presence of a power steering pump mounted on the forward crankcase of the engine, just below the water pump. If you replace the driveshaft seal of the power steering pump, and the problem persists, then the pump case bushings and gears are probably worn beyond tolerances, as well as the pump casing, This wear will allow pressure fluid to go through the drive shaft seal and into the engine crankcase. I actually blew the seal out of the pump casing on my JD400. Unfortunately, the parts required to overhaul this pump are no longer available from John Deere; a new pump(pn AR39029) is available, in exchange for your first born son, and a second mortgage on your home!! I do not recommend that you install a used pump, any used pump you find will be 40+ years old!

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