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Mower engages and shuts down jd140

Wes Every time I engage the electric PTO switch, the engine shuts down. I recently charged the battery, figured out that the seat switch wasn't the problem, and cleaned the spindles for the mower.
It starts with no problem and can be driven with no problem. The mower won't stay on at all.
I have a John Deere 140, year 2011.
What do I do now?

tomboy Are you sure you've got it in nutural and not in reverse. Also check the reverse back up switch.
Dale G. Basgall Wes there is a serial # break on that one up to 30000 or 30001 on. Both wiring harnesses look the same and it appears there is the pto switch for the front, does yours have a rear pto (hydrostatic) also?

Also did you try starting the mower while off the seat? I only saw a neutral start switch switch on the wiring harness on both serial number breaks, I must have missed it somehow but I am going back to the book to look.

Inspect the wiring harness very good for physical damage, there could be a wire out of a connector or something simple.

If you are not on the seat and the mower starts, it may have a brake switch that is stuck. First inspect all the wiring and connectors before anything else.

Dale G. Basgall
Re: Mower engages and shuts down jd140

Wes; I looked both up and is this your wiring?

If so there are only three switches, Ignition switch, front PTO switch, and a neutral start switch.

That's odd not to have a seat switch, let us know if this is your wiring schematic.

Wes I am in neutral. I can drive and start up with no problem. I had a bad seat switch that I managed to get around. It can drive in reverse as well. But as soon as I pull th PTO switch, it kills the engine.

I am now tracing wiring from the seat PTO switch.

Wes I had a had a seat switch that was faulty, so wired around it. The engine starts fine now. I can drive forward and reverse. As soon is I pull the PTO switch, the engine dies. I can push back off to disengage the mower and the motor will come back alive.
Wes I am unsure if that's the wiring diagram for the John Deere D140, model year 2011. I can't make out all the numbers or diagram. But I did have a faulty seat switch that I wired around. The engine starts and drives forward and reverse with no problem. It's the PTO switch that I'm now looking onto and tracing its wiring.
tomboy Does your mower have the little yellow button you push when the deck is running when you want to back up? If it does, check that its working.
Dale G. Basgall
Re: Mower engages and shuts down jd140

Wes you have a D140 not a JD140, that now makes sense, it is important to get the right model on these.

Your not supposed to wire around the switches they are for safety purposes, I have had problems on those right at where the connector for the harness under the frame comes from the main harness and attaches the pto clutch coil electrical, the reverse switch, the brake switch and the seat switch. A new unit like 2011 should not have any switches that are bad. We can get through this one I had that problem two months ago on a LA120 exact same scenario.

I made my own wiring schematic after I spent hours trying to figure this one out and I ended up replacing the bottom harness for 47 bucks cause a stick ripped a white wire out of the terminal going through the frame on the right side of the mower frame in the engine compartment.

Do you have a digital DMM?

Capt. Johnny Hell, I have a d140 also and have a similar problem. Thhis tractor is very new and blows the 20 amp fuse every time we mow the lawn? its something to do with the pto switch cause it does not do it when mower is not engaged. I'mlooking for the wiring diagram so I can trouble shoot for John Deere. Or Maybe I'll just pump up the tires on the old MTD
Tim I have a D140 lawn tractor that when the PTO is engaged and mowing it cutting on and off the blades stop turning and then they start turning. The engine never changes it speed or performance during these shuts downs. My battery was dead and had to jump it
miuel hernandez looking for wire harnes for a jd 140 tractor
Linda Augusta I have a John Deere D140 riding mower tries to start but won't engage . If I use starting fluid it will run when I stop using it shuts down. Tried everything I know think it's electrical.

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