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injecter pump on1963? 4010 John Deere

Stan Lemmon I have installed a rebuilt injecter pump. Instructions say to line up timing mark on pump at 14 degrees before tdc with #1 cylinder on compression stroke. Pump is adjusted clock wise as far as it will go but pump mark is still a wee bit to the left of stationary timing mark. Marks line up at tdc. The engine runs with a lot of exhaust fumes. Does this sighnify the oil pump is out of ajustment or some other problem?
Leonard Did your engine have these fumes or smoke before you had the pump rebuilt?
If your pump is slightly out of time it will cause heavy fumes that are really thick with diesel fumes. So bad in fact that it will burn your eyes and nose in a short period of time.
I always set my pumps at top dead center with the timing pin in the flywheel and the timing marks on your pump lined up.
This should be somewhere close to the middle of the bolt hole slots on the pump.
Then if your timing needs a little tweaking, you can turn the pump a little to get more exact.
DO NOT!!!! Try to turn your pump while the engine is running!!! I would set it at top dead center and run the engine and see what it does.

stan lemmon The exhaust fumes were what I would call normal with the original injector. Now the fumes are very heavy. The pump is quite far to clockwise extreme. Sound like the oil pump is out of adjustment?

thepumpguysc A JD WILL RUN 180* out of time AND smoke like a freight train!
Did you line-up the dot on tha drive shaft to the dot inside the pump?
IF NOT, "bingo"!!

Stan Lemmon I'm reasonably certin that the dots were lined up. At idle the exhaust looks fine. More fuel and lots of smoke.
Stan Lemmon Thanks guys for time and consideration. I'm going to persue the Bingo Theory. Sounds the most relavent. Will post later. Thanks again.
Stan Lemmon
+I'm back. Got in touch with Stanodyne. He told me to set timing at 8* btc on number one compression stroke.It works.

MARK A Once the oil pump in installed, does it have to be synchronized?

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