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old john deere combine

old john deere combine

hi all, trying to do some quick research on an old john deere combine, i am thinking it is just scrap metal, but it is still in usable condition, parked many seasons ago at the end of the harvest season, and still sits there proudly, but need to get some of the old stuff cleaned up. is it worth anything as a collectable, has both heads etc. or should it make a one way trip to the scrap yard?

bontai Joe Does it run and move? If yes, it's worth something. I cringe when I see combine demo-derbies where some of these old machines are destroyed on their last day in a blast of red neck fun. I have seen the power end of these (minus the harvesting parts) modified into snow removal machines, logging machines, off road trucks and other uses. Keep in mind that with the harvesting parts removed, what you have left is a high ground clearance, wide wheel base, powerful machine that can be used for other purposes. Restored as a collectable? like back to new condition? Gonna cost a LOT of money that you will never get back, but if you enjoy the idea of restoring it, I sure won't discourage you.
Dale G. Basgall hershey & bontai ; thats a great idea a blade on the front hey check this out we just did that in our shop with a John Deere mower and a Yamaha 350 on and off road bike. Like you could take and make a nice generator power supply in case the lights went out. Scrap machinery generators, hey.

bontai Joe I did a little more poking around on the internet and see that there is some collector interest starting up in older combines (1930'-1940's) but yours looks to be late 1960's I'm guessing? I wish I could find the one I saw converted to winter duty. It was really a professional job, had a monster snowblower mounted on the front and behind the cab was a salt/sand hopper w/ spreader. The potential customer that might by it if restored into working condition, is the small eastern farmer with 100 acres or less and is willing to use older/slower equipment to keep his equipment costs affordable. I know of several guys like this that are using 1950's to 1970's equipment to attempt to make a profit on their small scale farms.
Leonard I guess I will put in my 2 cents worth on this... Like Joe I have seen these machines converted into a variety of things. Snow removal seems to be the most popular but I have also seen them converted into power brooms for Asphalt companies.
I personally am an old machine nut and hate to see any of them junked out. However, like Joe said, it would be cost prohibitive to restore this thing.
Here in central Missouri these older combines are used to glean "Fescue" for lawn grass seed. They are great for use on these steep ridges of the Ozarks because they are so sure footed.
We also have a few river bottom farmers using these to combine small acreages of wheat,rye,barley,corn and oats. Plus what ever else they can get to grow in these bottom fields. Like Joe said about out east... These farmers have small acreages of maybe a couple hundred acres or so. Most of that is in either in pasture for cattle or in woods lots. The bottoms are for cash crops of some sort.
These little combines are relatively cheap to operate and can be "Roaded" or dead headed to where they need to be. You can't do that with a Kansas or North Missouri type combine. Those things are monsters!
I like what Joe said... If it runs and every thing works then it is worth something to someone. The problem would be getting connected with these people.
Before I would junk it out, I would see what it would be worth in the salvage world. A lot of the parts and components will fit different machines.
That's my thoughts... Have a great day and good luck!!

bontai Joe I never gave a thought as to how grass seed is harvested. I learned something today. Thanks!
Rob If it had been parked in a shed all those years it might be worth something to someone with a few acres to cut, but more than likely rain water has rusted all the sheet metal like the bottom of the grain tank and auger tubes out so it is pretty much scrap metal unless someone needs parts off are getting hard to find for that model combine.

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