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John Deere 310C Backhoe

Kelvin McLeod The tractor will not turn over with the key and will not crank when you jump the starter. The tractor was running fine used it one day and went back the next and it would not crank and it have not been able to crank it since. Any help or advise will be appreciated.
John Heine You will have to check is starter failing,hydraulic pump locked up,can you turn engine over by hand?
Kelvin McLeod Thanks I have not thought about checking the hydraulic pump, and I am not really able to get to the engine due to the bucket being down.
Kelvin McLeod I finally got the backhoe to crank by shoritng out the starter. I still cannot get the key to crank it. Does anybody have an electrical schematic for this machine?
steve holder I have the same problem with my 310c. my module clicks when the key is turned to start. I have checked the nuetral safety swith and starter,I do not know what other devises can hold this out. does anyone know how to check the module part #AT107670.
Mark Baker My 310c also clicks when turning the ignition. I have replaced the starter.
By clicking multiple times, it will eventually start. The more I use the machine, the less times I have to click the ignition key to start it. I have been told to check the starting relay, however haven't found it yet.

H Jarrett I have a JD 310c backhoe 4wd. The hydraulics for the hoe and loader work great. I am having a problem with the unit driving forward/reverse. I cleaned the filter in the reverser and I thought it was good. Travelled for about a mile and then it slowed down and stopped. It go slowly in reverse and then stop. The reverser oil (JD Hygard) is at the proper operating level. Has anyone else experienced this with the 310c? In order, what would you be looking for to correct this problem. I am not a mechanic, but in dire need of some help. It has new shuttle clutches.
If it was the torque converter wouldn't it just lack power or will it completely stop the unit. What can I do to trouble shoot the reverser? Any help would be very much appreciated. Pls. email me at the above email address. HJarrett

Mark Baker Check to see if the button on your loader control which disengages the transmission during loading is stuck.
Horace Jarrett Checked the loader button, also checked the switch on the floor that disengages travel. Neither solved the problem. I have also replaced the solenoid that is a part of the reverser. The screen within the reverser is clear and the oil has been changed and is clear with no smell of burned oil. Where else do i look? Still looking for answers, please scratch your help and help me resolve this problem. If possible please reply to email. HJ

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