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Cleaning out an LX178 carb

Maina I looked on the message board and didn't see anything similar. I just purchased a used John Deere LX178 which hasn't been run for a year. It starts and runs on full throttle but not when I turn down the idle. I tried loosening the screen at the bottom of the carb bowl but it started leaking gas so I retightened it. I assume the carb needs cleaning. I have never done this. My brother in law said I just need to turn off the gas valve, remove the bolt in the bottem of the bowl and clean out the bowl with carburetor cleaner. Is it really that easy and are there any gotchas that I need to look out for? I am looking to get a tech manual on CD but haven't yet, so I am doing this without a tech manual.
Dale G. Basgall Maina : What is the sympton as you turn down the idle ? If it starts with the choke and runs with the choke on and when you pull the choke off it dies the low speed jet in the carb needs cleaned. Just spraying it off will not repair it. You will need to remove the bowl of the carb and take a small wire like out of a wire brush, just one wire. That you will need to poke up through the upper jet called the low speed jet. Get the carb off and remove the bowl it is easier.

If you need other assistance please write back on the forum.

Dale G. Basgall

Maina It starts with the choke on and I can run it with the choke off but at full throttle. I don't know if it will run with the choke on all the time. Didn't try that. It will run somewhat at 1/2 throttle but it tries to catch itself instead of stalling out so it revs up then slows down then revs up etc. If I go lower than 1/2 throttle it dies prettly quickly, less than 3 seconds. Do I really need to take the whole carb off? Can't I just take the bowl off by removing the large nut in the bottom of the bowl? Also, if I take off the carburater are there things I need to watch out for so that I put everything back in order or is everything pretty self explanatory, with no trick spring loaded elements or other things that can pop off?
Dale G. Basgall Maina : It appears that the carb is slightly restricted due to the gas evaporating the volatiles and leaving the additives behind. When you took off the bowl was there any residual of dried up fuel in there ?

Do you have the Kawasaki engine or the Kohler?

If your lucky you may not have to take off the carb. Start the engine and run it full throttle and then pull the choke on and just as it starts to flood and die out push in the choke and let the throttle be on wide open and when the engine starts to rev high pull on the choke again and repeat the process about five times. This may pull enough fuel into the jets and disolve the old crud inside the jet. If you still have problems after that let me know.

Dale G. Basgall

tchuk I have the same issue. If I manually choke with my hand over the air intake the engine picks up and stays on. The moment I remove my hand or loose the appropriate seal it dies. I also have noticed fuel coming out of a thin short hose on the side of the carbuerator that was leaking fuel. What line is that and where does it go?

Mike Carmouche I purchased a LX188 because my LX178 is starting to blow oil where the muffler attaches. I figured it is because of worn rings, valves, or valve guides. I will deal with that this winter. According the guy purchased from the tractor was running less than 6 months prior. When I looked in the tank there was a liquid almost like clear oil with faint gas smell. Not sure what it is. Cleaned out. cleaned out lines. Engine cranks but won't pick up fuel. Pressure checked. Fuel flows through the fuel pump. I cannot push fuel into the carb. What is the solenoid on the bottom of the carb for? Is this a fuel cut-off? I am betting the bowl is full of this clear junk and thus the rest of the carb. Engine will run if gas is pored down the throat until that is burned up. Engine is quiet so I am encouraged with this fact. Anyone with an idea would be appreciated. I don't want to disturb factory setting if I don't have to.

Thanks....Mike Carmouche

Homer My LX178 recently has started "surging" and will die if throttled own. Now it will start then die. There is no fuel in the filter. I removed the bowl and shot carb cleaner up grom under and re-installed jet. No Help. I was told the carb has to come off and the jets cleaned. Looks to be a real pain to remove. Anybody got any tips on doing this?
Darrin P I am having the same problem with my lx178 15hp liquid cooled.I noticed that it would not idle but at full throttle it would stay running.But at full throttle the vent hose ( I think It is) on the side near the top of the Carburetor has almost a full stream of gas pouring out of it ,glad its a small hose but non the less its pouring out expensive Non Ethanol gas and dropping on to the muffler,potential gas fire hazard .If i can get some info on how to repair the crb weather its the diaphragm and if so can i get to it with out taking carb off .

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