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Slow John deere 950 Hydralics

Walter Reed My 950 is a real work horse but as soon as the weather turns cold the hydralics ( loader gets as slow as molassas . The tractor is outside and takes a couple of hours for the bucket to even move...usually turning the wheels hard to the left will get it to move a bit but even after a couple of hours it still is painfully slow....during the summer it works great...the filter and fluid can't have more than 30 hours on it any suggestions besides changing the fluid and filter again and keeping it heated..last winter I changed the filter and fluid and found a gel like substance on the screen..possible water getting in ?...
Dale G. Basgall Walter, it does in fact sound as if the oil viscocity is to high for the ambient temperature in your area. May be the hydraulic oil filter could be the incorrect micron filter for the fluid you are using, like the cleanout filter which looks identical to the regular hydraulic filter element.

Dale G. Basgall

Walter Thanks for the response....the J.D. service guy tells me that there probably is water getting into the hydralic system...cure--to drain all lines and change fluid and filters...then try to determine where the moisture is getting in...the tractor only has a tarp to protet from the elements...I'll probably change the filter and fluids myself since draining the lines might be beyond me unless I can figure it out...Any input on how to drain all lines would be welcomed...not to mention the service expense...times are tough...
Dale G. Basgall Walter, usually water gets in those on the shift lever boots, if they are hard and cracked water can go directly into the transmission case.

Dale G. Basgall

Vincent P. Iannacci Hello, I happened to come across this article when researching for john deere 950's. Walter I have a 1986-87 950 and i live in newhampshire. When i used the tractor for snow removal the first year i had the tractor the hydraulics were so slow that i know how you feel. finally i went to chappell tractor and i told them my situation. one of the mechanics told me to run a thinner hydraulic fluid for the cold weather.
He sold me a 5 gallon pail of fluid. But the problem is that i threw the pail out and dont remember the name of the company or the fluid type. I do remember that the pail was red with a white lid. anyway the hydraulics worked great after about 20 min. with the that thinner fluid in the cold weather. i gaurantee you that you dont have water in your system. Just try a thinner fluid.
ps. what number loader do you have on your 950? I have an 80 which is soppose to be for the 1050.
I know that the 75 was for the 950.
do you know a good detach backhoe that fits 950's that is made by JD? Thankyou

Wally Reed Hey Vincent,

Thanks for the reply...I also have a 80 loader and a J.D. 8 backhoe..It came with the tractor when I bought it...I can take it off in 15-20 min...
The 950 is an awesome machine
But the hydraulic fluid...I am using J.D. low viscosity ..Hy -guard hydraulic oil..If there is a better fluid for these northern climates I would definitely be interested....


Howie Can any one give some advice on I had slow lifting so I drain the oil clean screen replace with new oil and fiter and now it will not lift at all Thank Howie
Wes Did you check the sump screen? It located on the left side of tractor under floor board.
luann clark You have too bleed each line
marvin i am trying to help my step son he just started working on a farm witch is not in use any more but needs to maintain it he has a 950 john deere and the hydraulic oil needs to be added i can only see one area where it would go and that would be down by the gear shift it's in the 1980s i beleive

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