LT 155 Hydrostatic Broke????

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LT 155 Hydrostatic Broke????

Ken Packard I have a LT155(6 yrs old). I've noticed that over the last year the trans lost its power especially going up small hills. This winter in storage my son pulled out the pressure relief rod to roll the tractor backwards (so as not to have to start it) and did not push it back in. I just started the tractor and tried to back it up and it would not move. I pushed the rod back in and it still will not move. Has it lost it's prime? Is it low on fluid? Can you add fluid or is it a sealed unit? A belt? New transaxle needed? Can anyone help?
strodie79 The LT155 hydro box is a sealed unit. It should'nt worry it to try and move it with the relief out. Probably just coincedence. I would think it is more likely that the transmission belt is worn out or broken. As they wear, the performance of the box reduces, especially when going up hills. I would change that first, it may have even broken. If it still won't drive, jack the back wheels off the ground and run the transmision as if you were driving along. If there is air in the oil, this will bleed it out. run it for quite a while in forwards, then in reverse.

Good luck

strodie79 You could also chech the key in the rear wheels.If you have had the rear wheel off, it is fairly common for people to forget to put the metal key bach in, or not to realise it was even in there, and it gets pushed out when installing the wheel. They can also shear from time to time, but not as common.
I have also got the same issue on my LT155 (lack of power while climbing hills on my acreage and it too has gotten worse over the past year or so. I increased the spring tension on the main drive belt tensioner, I also topped up my fluid (you have to remove the fuel tank and a black rubber plug about 1.5 inches in diameter top LH side of axle assembly housing to do this. Both of these attempts were made with little change. I notice that my tractor has great power when first started but once it warmed up it looses power/torque at the rear wheels. (the engine works fine) it is definitely a hydrostatic issue. I have puller off the RH rear wheel and adjusted the foot pedal rod, it has a lock nut on front side you must loosen and spin forward to allow the rear nut to be tightened. I move it about 4 complete turns and it does seem to have helped. I will try cutting my lawn again after the weekend and I'll see then. If anyone has successfully repaired this problem it would be great to hear what you had to do. One last thing and it is probably related, reverse is very week not just slow. I hope this is some help
take care

Greg D While this transaxle is considered "sealed," I am aware of several people who have changed the oil and were able to restore performance. Check this link for more information. Hope it helps.

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