john deere 2140 1986 hydraulic problems

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john deere 2140 1986 hydraulic problems

Gary Tuer When i start it up in the morning the steering and 3point linkage arms lift and work no problem but soon as the tractor warms up the steering stops working and arms will not lift unless the tractor is reving above 1500RPM. Soon as you drop the rev's to idle after about 10SEC'S everythings stops working again. help of what the problem may be will be very helpful to me!
Mike Change trans/hyd filter, check the suction screen for the hydraulics.
Gary Tuer i have changed the filters and didnt make any difference. I have heard about this screen but i cant find it on my tractor? Where abouts is it and what does it do??
Mike It filters the oil before it goes through the transmission oil pump, then to the filter, then to the main pump. Behind the oil filter housing in the side of the transmission is a plug that takes a 1/2" ratchet about 1 1/2" diameter. The screen is behind the plug, but you have to drain the oil first or be ready to catch oil from that hole which is better, because it flushes out material the screen had stopped at the same time. Or drain the oil before and use diesel to flush it out if it was really dirty.
Gary Tuer Do you have to take the oil filter off to get at it? When i bought the tractor the oil filter was totally blocked up and would not tip trailers or anything.if you have picture's or anything that will help me find this screen that will be helpfull.I dont want to take the wrong thing out n be left with it not working.
Mike You may have to take the filter off, sometimes the line that runs out of the filter housing can be in the way. The plug should be easy to find, it goes into the side of the transmission housing near the bottom. It is to the rear of the tractor in relation to the filter housing. If the screen is really dirty it can get jammed in, but a pair of needle nose pliers should pull it out. It can be cleaned or replaced if it's damaged.
Gary Tuer Am i looking for a nut or a bolt or a plug? i have looked round the filter housing but can't see anything. Would it be easier if i send you a picture of the filterhousing so you can spot it out?
Mike It is a plug, you can send a pic if you like:
Gary Tuer I found the screen and it had grey gunge and small iron filings on it so cleaned it up and put it back in also when i took the sump plug out it had half an inch of shit on it. it pumps alot better now but still cuts out. It does not take many rev's to get it going now but will it fix it alltogether if i clean out all the shit and put another new filter and new oil in? or will the pump be worn.
Mike Sounds like the hydraulics have been seriously overlooked for awhile. Iron filings aren't a good sign, I would expect some brake material too, if the oil was that bad. Flushing out the rear end would be a good idea, ie drain the oil, put in 10L of diesel, drain, repeat a few times at the 2 drain plugs and the screen. If it still doesn't get any better, then the transmission oil pump is likely worn, which supplies the main pump. Those tractors were never meant to run big cylinders like on a trailer. The transmission pump flow is barely enough to keep up with the main pump, even new, that's why there's a reservoir up front to help keep up with the demand. Once the reservoir is empty, is when your hydraulics start chattering, and it doesn't get filled up again until you stop using hydraulics.
tim nelson i also have one of these problem is that when i roll hay my hydr pressure releases and i have to reapply with hydr lever. this occurs after about 10 rolls.
Spanish Guy I have a 3150 with just the same problem, but I have never change even the oil filter. My question is: Is possible to change the small pump without split the tractor?
Devon Trammel We just bought a John Deere 2140 and we're having a problem with the front end loader being slow. It'll start off fast then gradually get slow. I would like to know where the screen is located at. I have changed the hydraulic filter and the hydraulic oil in it. Please let me know.
dicky Gary i'm about a 100% sure that your problem is not your filters, stop spending money on those things your problem is an aluminium pipe thta is crack in your transmission. You got to split your tractor in half, there is 2 aluminium pipe you'll see there and i'm sure one of them is crack. when your tractor is cold it works fine because the oil is cold and tick but as soon as it warms up it leaks back in the transmision instead of keeping steady presure.
Jimbo G'day all can anybody help out with some info please. I have a 2140 when a slasher is hooked up the PTO will run the slasher but as soon as I strike any sort of vegetation worth cutting the PTO just stops.I have had it suggested that the tractor needs a new hydraulic clutch kit, could something else cause this to happen?
Also tried to run a hydraulic post driver from rear outlets, did'nt run. Could it be the hydraulic pump?
the tractor had been somewhat neglected before it came to me.

Billabong Johan there is a small oil transfer pump in the rear end that pumps oil forward to the main pump. You might need to check that. There is also a plug on the floor of the cab where you can check oil pressure. I have not used it but someone mentioned it.
david are you all aware that the hydraulic oil levels of a JD 2140,need to be checked when you have just started the engine to prime all systems with oil, checking the levels immediately after stopping the engine,or even with the engine running,for if you allow the tractor to stand for too long, with the engine stopped, the systems that require oil, drain down enough to give a false reading of full.Even with steering failing, high low failing, hydraulics refusing to lift, and the back axle over-heating; if you stop the tractor, let stand overnight, and check the tractor in the morning, the dipstick will mark 'full', when it is NOT FULL; start the engine, just tickover; and no oil will mark the dipstick, which is why systems are failing.
the 40 series is the only JD series i know of, thatbehaves like this.
so: 2140 stands over night, start engine, allow to tickover for one minute, stop engine, and immediately check oil level of the back axle/hydraulic; or chech whilst engine is still running; but NEVER check it with the engine stopped, as it will always read full, even when it is up to 30lts short of oil.

Dave 2140 difficult to select high ratio also warning light on dash showing oil/gear? do you bleed hydraulic system after filter change
William Sumerix I seem to have the same problem going on here, I am going to check and see if i can find this pump. I tis driving me a little nuts that I can not find it. This oil Filter-pump. I will let u know my results

ike trying to run 6 foot snow blower off remotes
it will run untill fills up with snow then quits
could it be not enough flow or pressure

gary horan I have a frontend loader on my 2140, the loader jumps and surges all the way up, more when hot. I have checked fluid level cleaned filters nothing is helping. What should I check now?
wayne lewis question; is it possible for hydraulic out of rear end of a 2140 2wheel drive trector to find it's way into the sump of the motor or is it more likely to be diesel leaking from the injector pump into the motor crankcase. I look forward to some sort of advise in this matter. Thank you.
wayne lewis sorry, line should have said "hydraulic oil out of rear end" Cheers
mike smith my 2140 john deer 3pt hitch goes up want go down with down pressure
gerald goad 1250 john deere tractor the tractor has set for 3 years we had all oils and filters changed by some guy now the 3 point will lift but after oil is hot lift wont work oil is kinda white looking when its hot and clear before u start it up could he have used wrong oil or would it matter? should oil be white or could it be fine bubbles cavitating?
Dan McGeehan On my JD2140,had trouble getting plug out to extract pressure screen. Once screen was out, noticed an inch and a half tear on the one end and a quarter inch square hole in about the center. Will these tears effect the hydraulics performance. Original problem was that PTO would bog down after mowing and hitting higher vegetation. Drained all fluids and bought new filter. Ready to refill, but don't want to put a torn screen back in the tractor and if anyone thinks that just putting new filter, fluids and changing the screen might not fix the problem, please speak up.
mwachuo Dear JD colleagues, I have liked the sharing on this forum. please help me out.: My JD 2140 had problems with lift of ploughs and it failed. The gear box was opened up and found the rocker arm housing was broken. This was fixed and entire hydraulic system serviced. After boxing up, the lift arms moving all the way up to the topmost position and got stuck there. I dont want to open up and do guess work. What could be the reason and how do I solve this problem? Thank you in advance.
gilles the hydraulic shatering when hot
craig JD i recently topped up the back end of my JD 6320 tractor with hydrolic oil for a digger instead of mistakedly using transmission oil. I must have topped up about 3/4 litres will it do any harm?
mike I bought a 950 john deer and the lift on the loader with load on wants todrop when trying to raise what is the problem?
chris hi there
i have a john deere 2140 i have replace the crank shaft but have lossed all my timing marks and so not sure were to start please help

stu taylor Hi problem with the steering on my 2140 drives ok for a while then the steering becomes very stiff and judery and when stationary the wheels will turn by themselves and stop at full lock, PTO and lift arms working fine.
Amanda ridley Could any one tell me where the power steering fluid goes in for a john deere 1640 thank you
james steering easy then it will go to hard to steer I replaced top filter 2 years less then 50 hrs then bottem filer just should I replce to filter again it has new fluids what is going on thanks
doyle broome I have a 5420 that does not have a rear hydro hook up. Can I run lines back there from the front end loader pump or is it not heavy enough?
Robert Smith Gary Tuer is having and doing as I am to solve the problem that steering and lift fail when tractor is warm, in my case, used for about an hour. Dicky's sure opinion that the aluminum pipes in the center of tractor could be cracked sounds very logical. My question is. Does my JD1530 have these aluminum pipes as well?
Terry I am having trouble with my bucket not wanting to dump after the machine warms up ...I swapped the pressure relief vales and it didn't change anything ...Can u give me any ideas to check??
owen I have a problem with my tractor,there is no hydraulic oil circulation from the gearbox to the pump resulting in poor or no pressure from the pump or even any sucking effect in both pipes,please help me.What could be the main problem?.
sheldon dennison hydr fluid pressure in filter housing blows gasket broke 2 bolts need help any ideas
Scott bailey Hi have a john Deere 2140 hydrolic stopped working changed oils filters and cleaned screen on removing the filter on the side of the gearbox 2 small metal clamps fell out with what looks like a nylon hose or each end of it if I fill the oil tank at the front it all works fine but oil is not returning to tank any idea where this hose is located ?
John Rodgers Hi, my hydraulics on my 2140 stopped working. Where do I find the hydraulic filter, please? I guess that's a good place to start, what do you think? If not a blocked filter what else could it be? Thanks
Tony What fluid does a JD 2140 clutch take?
Duane Harbour my 5420 johndeere 3piont hitch work when cold but when oil get hot it will not lift any help would be good thank you
Hennie morning i have a 2120 if i fill the reserve tank the lift works perfect but if i lift it a couple of times it stop working now what happened is the gearbox gets to much oil in it the lift do not want to lift anymore til i fill the reserve tank again what must i do (new oil all filters replaced)
Luckson Ncube My JD 2140 lift the plough very slow and canít lift for too long lifts the plough after lots of raves. What is th cause in this issue ?
Any one who can help will appreciate.

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