John Deere 170 riding mower transmission problem

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John Deere 170 riding mower transmission problem

mark Just bought an older 1989 JD 170 riding mower at an estate sale...paid $300. Kawasaki engine runs great, mower deck in very good condition, body etc very good. Problem: Gear transmission lurching in 1st gear, no other forward gears. Reverse gear works fine. Belts and pulleys seem fine...clunking noise coming from rear transaxle while trying to drive in forward gears...what does this sound like...what is the worse case $

Thank you,

Mark (503) 803-0629

Steve Mark,
My 1990 JD 170 transaxle has just started doing a similar thing. I looked up the trans on the JD website and all it said that it was a sealed trans, unservicable. Did you get any advice?
(313} 218-7760

Peter DeMers My 170 bucks in 2nd and 3rd gear. You can recuild the transaxle or buy a new one. The model number (peerless) is stamped on a plate located below the brake disk.

There is a tecumseh/peerless transaxle manual you can buy for $10. I also found a .pdf version online for free.

go to the tecumseh website to locate a parts distributor in your area.


Mark you need new shifting fingers inside the transmission. Parts are about $40...not too difficult to do yourself. Drop transmission, open cover, clean out grease, dissasemble gears, remove old shifting fingers, replace, re-grease, assemble & your done.
mike shift fingers are the same as shift keys?
Mark Yes
mike what kind of grease should i use when im ready to close the case? my problem was the case broke and i needed to replace a gear and a bearing. i had the case welded. i hope this fixes the problem. thanks for the info,
Mark Use Bentonite Grease made for Peerless transaxles. Consult your local JD Dealer
etienne humbert Hi everyone,
have the same issue with the great 170. Does anyone of you have the peerless reference number for the gearbox. I don't have unfortunately the reference on the machine. Is it a 900 (peerless reference and not John Deere) peerless type gearbox? Does anyone have the exact peerless refernce number? Many thanks in advance for your help. Best regards

Ron Looks like these posts are pretty old!!! Humbert, I will crawl under mine and get back with you...I also have a 1991 JD 170.. Never had one single problem until last week when the gears rubbed through my transmission pan!! B4 that happened I was having problems but I thought it was the belt!!! A brand new trans installed at the JD dealer is $950!! If they take it apart and rebuild, it will be the same or maybe higher and is not recommended. No one else will touch it because they have to buy the parts from JD too!! A got'cha kinda thing....SO I AM LOOKING FOR A USED ONE IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS SEEN ONE......Thx
Dennis Kitchings I bought a used John Deere 170 from a friend at work who was moving to a house with a smaller yard. I have a new John Deere 115 too. I bought the 170 to cut the rough stuff in my yard, so I don't scratch my new one up in the high stuff. All these negative remarks about the transmission is shocking because the only problem I have with mine is it slinging the belt driving the deck off over uneven ground. I was searching for answers to whether some guides over the pulleys are missing that would prevent this. I weigh 208 and mine hauls me up and down hills just fine. If I could sell it for $300 bucks though, I am ready to move my 115 to the rough stuff, and get a bigger one for the good part of the yard. I will be honest with you, once you have that automatic trans axle, you never want to shift gears again. So if you have one with a good deck and want mine, we can do business.

Dennis Kitchings I mistyped my weight. I weigh 308. I wish it was 208. Anyway, since I'm hear I should mention that I also use my 170 to pull my 17 cu. ft. wagon around the yard when I have yard projects. It hauled me and 15 bags of quick crete around the yard when I put up a fence. I believe that if it was going to freak out on me, it would have done it by now. Maybe I got the one gooooood one, who knows.
Paul Hoekema After 18 yrs, my 170 just "ate" through the bottom of the transaxle too. I puchased a bearing, a countershaft and bottom case from JD for about 170.00. The unit (made by Peerless/Tecumseh) is supprisingly easy to work on.
Mike 2 I have been having the same problem with my 170 and found that the transmission shaft bearing was busted into pieces. I have a new one but have not had any luck pressing it into place. Is there a type of tool made for this?
Thanks in advance, Mike

DON ADAMS crap... mines doing same thing is it a factry defect
donadams my jd 170 is slipping learching in 1st gear and sqealing at start for moment. is there a clutch
Jack I have a slight problem with a small lurch once in a while. It does not happen all the time. I just had some servicing done by a JD dealer he rode it and did not say anything about it lurching. I wonder if it has something to do with the belt slipping.
Andy When mine started skipping, I replaced the keys in the transmission. It fixed the problem for two summers but it is starting to act up again. The repair only cost me about $50 for the parts and one evening of my time.
Mike Costa As a backup to Andy's posting, my JD 170 started skipping as well but in third gear. I replaced the gear and the keys 4 years ago. She runs like a top and still hauls stone, mulch, dirt and tree's while mowing the lawn since 1990. Take your time doing it, be methodical in separating the halves of the transmission and it will be fairly easy. Total cost $53.00. Good Luck, Mike
roland looking for 2 spindles for a mid 1980's model 170 38" mower deck.Would anybody know where i would find them. haven't had any luck.Thank you
Tim hey guys having same problem wondering if i should go to jd to get the parts or did you buy them off the internet

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