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John Deere 1020 Carbueretor Flooding problem

Joe I have a 1020 Gas, 1966 John Deere with a Marvel Schebler carbuetor which appears to be flooding with gas to the point the tractor stalls. I think this is why it's stalling. When it does run it sounds great but the tractor stall after 15 minutes of running. The only way to restart is to disconnect the air hose, drain the fuel from carbuetor and then it will start and stay running for a while. I replaced the Load Adjusting needle about a year ago with a Zenith A7532. I recently adjusted the carboratoor according the the John Deere manual but it still floods. I rebuilt the carburator and adjusted the float to 1/4". Any suggestions on what could be the problem or what to try next?
John Heine Maybe needle and seat on float has dirt in it or needs to be replaced.
Joe I want let you know I fixed the problem. When I took the carbueretor apart, again, I discoved the float was filled with gas. I think I may have damaged the float when adjusting it to the 1/4" setting or perhaps it was damaged before and while bending I made it worse. Anyway I replaced the float and the tractor ran great. Thanks for the advice!

tim Had the same problem, the electric shut off valve on the bottom of the carb. is bad. They are very expensive don't bother replacing it with that one.I talked to a guy at WORLEY FARM SALVAGE INC. They stock the replacement one for the 1020 it's less than half the cost of the electric one. I haven't had a problem since I replaced that. Here is the phone number for Worley's 800-854-4313
John Farnsworth I am having the same problem with my 1020. I had the carb rebuilt 6 months ago and the tractor ran fine. Now it seems to be doing the same thing that Joe's is doing. It does not have electric shut off. I messed with it last Saturday and could not keep it running. I recharged the battery and on Sunday it started up and ran great for about two hours while doing wood. I then left it running while I went inside and it died while it was sitting there! I took the carb a part and float seems good. How does the fuel pump know when to stop pushing gas into the carb? I just got this tractor from my wife's grandfather due to his death. i do not know much about it. Thanks in advance for any help!


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