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Drain & Flush Transmission - 8N

Lewis A friend has an 8N that has milky transmission oil. Can someone advise proper method to drain & flush it out. Tractor also has Sherman transmission. Thanks, Lewis

Bob G the milky look is caused by water in the oil. Usually condensation but rain water can get in if letf outside.

there are three drain plugs, start at rear of tractor and work your way forward. all three plugs drain a common sump. three drains one fill point.

you can pour in some diesel or stove oil but I would not run it with it in there. you could remove the side plate ( round with dipstick) on the right side and spray in the diesel witha solvet gun, but if it not real gunked up, you most likely can get by by just doing a good drain job. Don't get in a hurry set it drain overnight.

there are lot of different opions on what oil is best. I use what the book calls for. 90 wt ep gear oil, but it is stiff in cold weather and takes a while to warm up.
good luck

lha What I do is to drain using all 3 drains,then with 3,4 gals.deisel,pouring through trans,pumpsump,&out drain at pump housing.trans drain must be shut.after 3-4 times through the trans.look at pump through inspection plate.keep cleaning until clean.pump-up aprayer can also be used.the best way is to take pump out & clean,but if you don't want to do that flushing is about the only way.I use ford 134C hydro fluid with good results.
Lewis Just wanted to thank you all for helping out. It's people like you that make these forums a success. Your input is invaluable and saves lots of people money and time. Lewis
Pat Is there a cross over Oil; Im not even sure we have a ford Tractor Dealer in Calgary?
Jeri Any ideas on how to keep water out of the transmission on a tractor that lives moves my chicken pen everyday year round, and when it freezes, the transmission fluid freezes.

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