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8N Throttle adjust

Stu I'm a newbie at this. Just bought my 49 8N a few weeks ago and trying to get it running properly. Have just completed the ignition tune-up and adjusted the carb as best I can. I can get a nice idle but at half throttle it dies. If I take it up to full throttle it will cycle between high rpms and low (idle speed) every 3 - 4 seconds. Question - should I be focussing my attention on the carb or on the governor to solve this? Thanks in advance
Bob G I would start with the Carb. Does it sound like it is starving for fuel when it loses RPMs? May be a float level problem. I put a overhaul kit in mine this last winter. pretty easy job. Just have to locate all of the jets. Make sure you are getting fuel, valve open, strainer at carb fuel intake not plugged. May have enough fuel to idle but not run at higher speed.

Good Luck

bob G You might try holding the rod from the Gov to Carb and see if it will stablize the RPM. Hold it in the open position. this might help to trouble shoot the problem. or unhook from gov and hold throttle in mid position, just be careful you don't over rev the motor.
Stu Thanks, bob. holding the governor rod open will give me a consistent high rpm. I guess I should have checked this first. It would appear to be getting sufficient fuel when i do this. Any further thoughts?

Bob G Sounds like a rebuild of the gov is in order. If you don't have a manual yet I would suggest getting one the I&T service manual F-04 is a good one and it shows how to overhaul the governor.

Good Luck

stu Bob,
Just got my manuals the other day. Will do as you suggest. I think I will probably do the carb at the same time just to cover both bases as I know this machine had been sitting around for some time.
Really appreciate the help.

Stu Overhauled the carb this past weekend - runs like a charm. - Thanks for all the help.
Bob G Good to hear you got it running!


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