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No spark to my Ford 9n

No spark to my Ford 9n

Okay, trying this again. With the key on I have 12v to a black box that has "ign fld" on it. I have no power out of that box. I assume the box is bad. I just need to know what that box is.

Larry Not sure but it looks like the voltage regulator. I'm sure with the 12 add on you have one. I don't think the old 9N has one with a 6 volt but I could be wrong. If it is a voltage regulator they do go bad.
BoB G With you haveing 12 volts at that black box, iassume that it has been converted to 12 volts. Does it have an alternator, and does it haave a voltage regulator? The early nseries had no regultor but used a cutout relay to keep from draining the battery when not running. Machines with the reulator has no seperate cutout relay as it is part of the voltage reulator. This unit may have been part of a 12 volt conversion kit and may be a resistor used to drop the voltage down so that the points will not burn up with the higher voltage. By pass it and see if you have a spark. If you run without it it may fry your points after abit.
Good Luck

bob g OK, on that black box, using an ohm meter you should get continuity one direction but not the other. The wiring diagrahm for a 12 volt conversion show the symbol for a diode, which will allow current flow only in one direction. the resistor should be in the wire going to the coil.
Re: No spark to my Ford 9n

I have no continuity either way on the black box. I believe it to be the voltage regulator. Here is a picture of my altenator? I looked @ the schematic and it showed 3 wires to the alternator. Mine has only 4 wires. I also changed the condensor and points. Gapped @ .015 on all 4 lobes. I haved no voltage @ the wire on the coil either.

Robert Sorry, I meant I only have 2 wires to my alternator.
bob g I have never seen a voltage regulator with only two wire terminals. In the diagrams for the 12 volt systems, they do not show a voltage reg at all. on a 6volt 9n the cutout relay was between the gen and wire from battery. whenever the battery voltage was higher than the gen voltage the relay would open to keep the battery from draining.

I would concentrate on the no spark problem. you should have votage at the coil with the key turned on. If not, like you say then trace back to each connection back to the battery until you find voltage. You could start at the baattery where you have voltage, then to ampmeter terminals, then to switch terminals, then to resistor and on to the coil. at some point you will loose the voltage. may jsut be a bad connection. You have to have voltage to the coil.
do the checks with the points open or the wire to the distributor disconnected.

Good luck

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