8n fuel problems

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8n fuel problems

Barbara Have battled this for awhile. Got frustrated and put new tank and sed. bowl, new carb, blew out the fuel line. Still wonít stay running. It starts and runs good until I start driving it or put under load and it dies. I can pump the choke to get me back to the barn (sometimes not) but starts popping and chugging and misfiring. Iíve already changed the points, plugs and coil earlier before tackling fuel problems. Iím pretty much back to square one. Any suggestions out there? Iíve read some of the other posts and most all has to do with old tanks, carbs and sediment bowls. All that is new and still pretty much still having same problem as before.
bfunke I'm guessing you've spent a lot time with carburetor adjustments, already. Turning that big screw a time or two can make a big difference. Make sure the air cleaner, associated hoses and the intake manifold are clean and free of obstruction.
Bill Id Barbara, is it a front or side mount distributor? When you begin to release the clutch and it starts taking load does it start to speed up or bog down? It might possibly be the governor is not doing it`s job and compensating. Or, it may possibly be that you have plug wires connected wrong?? The engine will run fine on two cylinders but bog down really bad when load is put on the engine.
Barbara It's a front mount distributor. And it bogs down on putting it under load. Some of the time it will drive and run great for a short distance then it starts sputtering and dieing. Since I put the new carb on now it pops and backfires plus sputter.
Barbara Yes carb adjustments on old carb with no luck. Haven't started any adjustments on the new carb yet. There's no smoke coming out (big screw?) so I assumed it must be factory adjusted already.
I will need to look a little closer at the other things you mentioned. Thanks.

Phil Haffcke ditto, ditto and ditto, I'm having the same problem as Barbara, done the same things to try to fix, read every comment made on this forum and still at my wits end waiting for the right anwser to pop up, the only one I haven't tried yet is wd40 on the distributor weights and first light tomorrow I'll try that. PS. first one to figure out this one please post, thanks Phil
Patrick I am having the same problem runs great then quits I have had some luck with turning vaule on the gas sepertior down or up depending on what i am doing with the tractior be carefull as i 1/8 turn make a lot differnce and will cause it to over flow your carb hope this helps and if any one eles has any Ideas i am open
bfunke This may be a stretch, and it's very unlikely, but the distributor weights have a centrifugal spring mechanism that could cause havoc if the springs were broken. The springs are rivetted on, so they're not easy to fix and one has cracked off of my distributor. (They're behind the points and stuff.) If my tractor isn't tuned perfectly, it exhibits symptoms similar to yours.
Phil Haffcke ok guys, had that darn carb. off at least a dozen times, readjusted the float so many times I'm surprised I didnt break it. finally decided to go by the tractor supply store and spend the 30 bucks on the repair manual, It said the problem was more likely ignition rather than gas, so in stead of pulling the hood and moving the radiator like I had been doing to get to the front distribtuor I removed the coil, dist. cap and the two bolts holding the dist. easy job, reset the timing per the manual WALAH smoothed right out. hope this gets you going also; Phil.
Phil Haffcke I'm takeing back my WALAH frusted again, ran real good untill I put it back to work again, driveing me nuts, sombody post a fix!
Barbara PLEASE........

Phil Haffcke well still frusted (I mean frustrated)pulled both the carb. and and disb. again reset float, reset timing, after reinstall no difference, then readjusted timing with it running and fiddled with carb at same time smooth out a little, enough to spread some gravel at about half throttle not backfiring anymore just sputters and bogs down at full throttle, someone mentioned adding a elec. fuel pump might help, but were ya gonna find a 6 volt pump?
Barbara How hard is it to set or test the timing on my 8n? Never done that before. Does anybody know a good instrution link? Like that carb kit link on how to do a carb kit (loved it, thanks for spreading the knowledge).

PS Phil H. that's exactly where I'm at. It's like it just isn't getting enough gas. Don't know, may have to find somebody local that can work this out for me. I'm about to give up. I NEED MY TRACTOR!!! Good luck, keep us posted...

Phil Haffcke Barbara, don't give up yet, I keep checking back every day expecting one of us to have figured it out. the timing setting on the front mount dist. is fairly simple although I have only done it by ear, adjust timing readjust carb ect. ect. Looking at the dist. from the side opposite from the carburetor you'll see a screw on the side of it holding a small plate about 1/2inch wide by an inch long, with engine NOT running loosen screw and move plate up or down to advance or retard timing, (make sure you mark were it was set with pencil mark before you move it so you put it back if need be), if its in the middle to start with it will only move up or down about an 1/2 inch so you can't screw it up to much, if you get it out of timing to much it won't start or backfire, just keep changing it a little at a time until it runs smooth as it can, I'm still tinkering with other things to get it right and sooner or later one of us will figure it out, "surely" Phil.
Phil Haffcke OK, guys I'm ready for a fix! been at again all day, going backwards, besides what I've done above today I cleaned the breather good and refilled it with new oil, pulled the disb. again and took out the points plate and smooth down the inside bottom of the disb. were the weights had cut a rough area then lubed it lightly so weights would function smoothly, started it back up, still runs like crap, checked compression all 4 at 90lbs. new plugs again today, front two plugs wet, back two soot right away, all plugs firing laying them against the block but the front two won't fire reinstalled of coarse now we know why it's running like crap but why cant I get those front two to fire? Phil.
Phil Haffcke dumb ass me, running perfect now, perfect. the condenser wire to the points was to ground, only thing now I'm not sure what the problem was to start with so I'll review everything I had done and maybe you'll hit on something, I installed a new shutoff valve and gas line, simple carb. rebuild, adjust floats, (used spray can of carb cleaner to blow out jets in carb.) plus air, removed disb. installed points, condenser, cleaned bottom of disb. housing with sandpaper to smooth out roughness from weights rubbing inside bottom of disb. housing, replaced roter button, cap, coil, wires with copper centers, auto wires are wrong ones, that's what it had before and is suspect, replaced plugs, cleaned and refilled breather also added new hoses didn't connect good could have been sucking to much air, moral of this story is I mainly kept screwing with fuel when my repair manual said ignition is most likely the problem, buy the way the 30 bucks I spent on the manual was the best investment so far. Good luck to you all and I'll check back the rest of the week in case of questions, now I'm going out to play. PHIL
Barbara $600 later after giving up and taking into a tractor mechanic, it was the intake manifold causing the tractor to not take any load on the engine. It was leaking badly. Also, the distributor was cracked which caused it to spit and backfire. Carb wasn't the problem after all.

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